My Tall Tree

Dear tall tree ,how good you been to me.

Over the years you shielded me for my fears, 

Taught me how to drive , even how to survive

You been more nurturing to me than my own family tree

That ripped the leaves called my dignity.

Dear tall tree , thanks for being a friend to me 

you taught me that my leaves will grow after the misery.

you been my sun at time when i wouldn't shine.

little fig tree, you want to be as tall as me, 

believe your the sun and rain mixed all in one.

don't let the bad days and the storms not make you grow.

just keep stretching those branches as far as you can go.

i cannot shield you forever, from the hail and storm.

but your foundation is strong yes this i know.

so drear tall tree , you r my best friend to me. 

i just hope one day i can be as tall and strong as corey


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