What I Told My Best Friend

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 15:41 -- Leanna


United States
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I love you
Not the sweet kind and innocent you
But the ugly you
The unveiling, unedited, and inappropriate
The one that makes me cry- the real you
In your voice there’s bass breaking my hearts barriers
your words vary viciously sending vivid vibes down my vertebrate
it’s vindictive
because you know that I know that
You carried my past and my struggle in your voice
You carried a revolution
You bared inhumane task for me to smile, feel, be inspired just to give away what you gave me
You move my mental avenue to an apex, something anonymous
I answer every time you call since I never know when you may stop calling
But that’s a day I hope to never see
I would miss your arms wrapping your melody around my mind
I’m confined by you
Your ruthless pursuit
to reveal the ugly truth about us, life, any and everything in it
And my gratitude supersedes a simple thank you
I find my thoughts lurking on memories we captured in Pandora’s Box
Sworn in secrecy, only you and I know how we connect
Everyone else tries to imitate this connection but our bond stems back
To recess, riding in the car, watching TV --some of the random places we met
And now I fight to fade the popular fixations
The “idea” of you
by impeding with actuality
Know that through the many years of fumbling, change, and growth
I never left for one second, my muse
In you I have love, serenity, reason
Reasons to keep you closer than most
No, no one can precisely define you
When love and happiness is rolling on the river which is never too much every time you give me one more chance putting my love on top causing bandz to make her dance
Makes it clear that at the end of the day when I catch you screaming in my ear
Stepping on my every worry and fear
I remember that you are Music
And I love you.


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