A Sentencing Without My Best Friend

If deserted, who would I be

Without the one beside me?

Who raised me as I am,

Taught me the difference between jelly and jam.

Who let me bounce on his head,

And tucked me tightly to bed.

Who's been there by my side,

Riding through the waves and tides. 

In my darkest hour,

He would never cower. 

He taught me strength,

And his patience has no length.

Everyday we grow,

And I wish time would slow.

So I can have more time with my best friend.

Without him, my days would end.

Oh my loving father,

You could never be a bother.

Instead, you are my hero.

I would spend every dollar, every euro,

Just to spend an endless amount of years

With the man I hold dear.

Without him, it would be a sentencing.

The world would be oh so menacing.

Stay with me forever.

We will take on the world together.

Now and Always.

I guess we'll visit the others on the holidays.



This poem is about: 
My family


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