i was your best friend, glow up

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 18:33 -- sdetky

Once a friend, always a friend right?

Sike, you thought, now she's complaining about kissing when you're so sick of her missing

Support? Who is she supporting?  

oh right, her chosen family, the ones she goes to when shes ready for some mary j

When i told her she wasnt being a good friend, she laughed and said she'll see me this weekend.

Who's laughing when i lost my best friend, trying to get out of bed before the day ends.

You said "talk to me when you get your shit together" 

what shit was falling apart?

You were MY SHIT 

and you left me broken

While you were acting 15, I was acting 23

Picking up my own pieces, because you left me traumatized, derived of relationships

you left me isolated, berated, while you were parading in your own circle of pride of the life I BUILT FOR YOU

but who am i to speak up and call you out? 

your best friend? SIKE, i once saw you on a weekend, while you were out with all my stolen friends

my glow-up was from me trying to get my "shit" together

only so you can yell at me for texting you on your birthday

where were you when i wanted to die, when i used to hold you when you cried. 

who helped you get through your dad, your mom, your life problems

sike it wasnt me, i was just your disorder


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Dayana nunez

NICE ;') ~ 

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