To Tame Coffee

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 15:10 -- kptml

When God creates His souls

For each He crafts a perfect match

Split down the middle

Each yearns for its better half

And they beg for just one meeting

During their miserable existence

Spent in this world


As wanting lovers they

Throw themselves to one another's arms

Only to find that

The jagged pieces of their

Hearts do not align


This causes a noiseless question:

Whoever made romantic

The divine dividing

Between these hollowed souls?

For we know we

Share a platonic love more pure

Than any of those lovers whose promises

Are whispered in one moment

And shattered in the next


As cream tames coffee

And creates the aesthetic

Swirl of rich earthen delight

So our lives intertwine to

Radiate a peculiar beauty


The opposites that are me and her

Fill up the missing words, links, and

Knowledge that we ourselves

Do not own and

The furnace of her life

Thaws away at the frozen

Flesh which barricades my heart


It is her I have to thank,

With her larger than life

Hands and emotive speech,

That has kept me from 

My own hell -

An internal wasteland

Of frigid thoughts and

Broken shards

Of past heartbeats which are 

Thrown about like

Exploded glass on the sidewalk


Yes, the twisting of our spirits has

Caused two mortal incompletes

To become a chalky blend -

Like that of a Saharan moon turning with

The Arctic noon - spanning

Infinitely into prophesy

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     I love the visual imagery that you used! The intertwining of Saharan moon to Artic noon has a wonderful mixed feeling of both hot and cold coexisting and thriving in the same world. Excellent piece! However, now I want some coffee...

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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