Best Friend


United States
47° 10' 16.68" N, 122° 36' 30.8016" W

It's hard to live in a world full of hate,
but there's always people out there you need.
Don't try to deter that of your fate,
great friends will come by but they aren't for greed.
A lot of friends doesn't mean they're the best,
Keep ones that are always there with you.
Through thick and thin, with them don't second guess,
because they'll always be a friend of truth.
They will tell you, "you fucked up!"
even though they will sit right next to you.
Don't let the thoughts of many be your corrupt,
You just love the close ones and be you.
Those friends are called the best for a reason,
They will never let you down.
They'll be there for you all four seasons,
so give them the title and the crown.


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