That boring, rude, and quiet,

Who never leaves me behind

Telling me, 'it isn't over yet'

When all my hopes have died.


Always there in my sorrow,

Lighten up my day.

After the rain there's a rainbow.

Please don't go away.


While I'm holding the thorns

You're healing my wounds.

An incredible friendship,

Now, just a treasure I could keep.


The joy no one can beat.

Hers with just a blink

Now I feel incomplete 

A pen without an ink.


You're the best of the best

Irreplaceable joy you bring

A place where I can rest

A song I want to sing.


The taste I can't compare.

Like a star in the night

You are always there—

And you will never be mine.




This maybe my favorite poem I've read this week.

Moon Quaye

Thank you so much!

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