My best friend, Poetry

The conduit for my imagination
To flourish
The gatekeeper for my thoughts
And ideas
The things it done for me.
The friend that would listen to
My creativity and illuminate it to
the brightest spectrum.
A friend I could talk to for hours until I fall asleep holding you in my hands and a pencil in my curly hair.
No word in any language to fully captivate you.
All I can call you is the friend I never had
If you were manifested into reality, I'm sure you would be something of an angel.
When no one else is around, you're still always by my side like my rib.
Waiting for me to open up to you.
You told me you missed me a couple times.
I let my mind my hug you.
How I could whisper in your ear and you understood every part.
But when I showed others they didn't get it.
It was our little secret.
We laughed.
I would just like to thank you for listening when no one else would.
You brought a side out of me I never knew that I could.
I had a small crush on you in the past but was too shy to speak to you.
I'm glad we became good friends.
Thank you,

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