Life can be overwhelming.

(No, let me restate that)

Life can be Condescendingly,

Overbearing with its Unrelenting,

Distressing problems causing Depressing feelings.

Life can be Vexing, just Vexing


I tried blasting out my eardrums with music,

but that was the opposite of therapeutic


Just…. helped build up my ANGER

TV was even less of an attraction

With its scripted reality shows of fake reactions

I just…. I just, couldn’t find a good distraction!


It wasn’t a particularly bight day.

The air outside was murky,

almost as if to mock me.

“It’s okay”, she’s say.

I’d run to her when tears made everything blurry

“You’ll be fine. Seriously, don’t worry.”


Through a series of texts and calls

She would give me nothing but her all

Just to have me feel….



You could say

She is my cliché

Sister from another mister

But it’s simply true;

She understands me through and through;

It feels good knowing……

She’s there if it starts overflowing

This poem is about: 
My family
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For the scholarship slam and anyone who wants to read. Enjoy.

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