I wonder

As the sun warms my face

A quiet cold day

Where I feel a semblance of grace



I wonder

Did he send me away?

Now it wasn't his fault

I knew that, anyway.


He sent me away

To the antiseptic halls

Full of children my size

Ready to end it all


He sent me away

For love, so I think

So I could get better

So I wouldn't hurt, I think

So I wouldn't cry, I think

So I wouldn't bleed, I think


But speculation isn't enough

And when I asked out he cried

"It's all for selfish want"

Said he

And I stood in a daze

I never thought I meant that much

In anybody's gaze.


He pulled me into a gentle hug

And I knew I could not resist

Forgiveness washed across me

Though there was nothing to forgive

For it was I who had committed the crime

Of causing him this grief

It was my fault that I had gone

And tried to find alone my own peace.


My life has found it's meaning now

As I walk through his door

And I'm greeted with the familiar scent

Of him, I can be sure.


I did not lose my life that day

He would not let me steal it away

And I do not think

I could ever imagine

To hurt him

Like that


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