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I grab a rag from the old wooden stand; Society was staying my hand. Begging and screaming to not take it off; But as I stared at myself in the mirror; I was not happy with myself.  
I don't if is been the movies or my friends, I have recently become an addict for a woman's fur, their beautiful skin and beautiful lips make me go crazy, if only I had a special girl that could fulfill my thirst,
Can you feel it? Can you feel that Change? I can feel it blowing our way. Can you see it? Can you see this new day?  I can hear it calling our name.   Change is coming down. Change is coming now.
Many people do not realize t
I’m tearing my heart out on both sides Where hurt, depression, and love hides Making sure it’s null on the insides And filling the feelings with whispered lies.   I’m squeezing my brain until it bleeds
I search, but never find the key that unlocks my mind. The truth to a lie, a clue to crime. A heart that never dies, a soul that never cry's.
Like walking into the wind, and you cant breathe.   like hearing the worst news of your life.   Missing a part of you, you never knew you had.   Thats what its like to love you.
They say soulmates are the ones youre supposed to end up with. The love of your life. What if soul mates are the ones that make your life a living hell? But can only make you think of happy times.
' 'she is nothing but a slut' ' face pale  lips Glossy ' 'she is nothing but a freak' ' pale blue eyes  chocolate lockes ' 'her makeup looks terrible' '
Mom's dream for child All coming true, but money The struggle, over.
A world with no style would be astronomical With no one caring what you wear But life in this generation is just too different It's not about what you like to wear
The cants and wonts, wont stop me,  I bring overdue glee, to my forefathers on the fruit fields, when I ace a test or get called the best, their sweat never in vain,
What has this world come? Who says you arent beautiful if your not a size 2? People these days never seem to surprise me,always following the new trend. Well, i say today, today is the day it needs to end.
One Direction! Its like an infection Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam Biggest boy band ever, It almost as if they gave me a fever I love them, yes I do.
Back in 2012, you were unexpected, but I was still happy I saw you. I became immediately in awe of your appearance and every aspect of your physique.  Everytime we would see each other, you would warm my heart with a smile.
I've been standing here longer than you think, just taking a very long good good look at me through the eyes of those who know, those who don't, and those who don't give a damn.  
The very hand of God dost not dare to touch thy cheek, for not even He should be so bold to dilute such perfection.
And so I sit, and so I sniff This lonely flower - just a whiff, I steal a scent of muggy air And times I thought about my life. Too young to know about his death, This stranger I had never met,
And so I sit, and so I sniff This lonely flower - just a whiff, I steal a scent of muggy air And times I thought about my life. Too young to know about his death, This stranger I had never met,
  remember when we would say "i love you" before we hung up the phone and if i didn't say it back you would get an attitude.
Her belly grows and grows, but nobody knows. Sweatshirts are too small, the inevitable becomes apparent. Waddles through hallways, up flights of stairs, back aches.
Stuff You can’t say to your Teacher Dear every white teacher that I have ever had, Yes, calling on me while my hand is down to answer your questions about the black community while I am
Words Empty, fleeting, fickle words Do this assignment, read these pages How many words do you speak in a day? How many of them actually mean something? God spoke and breathed life
Steps echo against a darkness Whispers of souls lost too Raising my head towards destiny Feeling the sensation of gratification The flames overtake this body For now I am free Now I can be
Not alive 'till now.  This is my coming-of-age.  Taking my first step.
You call this a classroom. I call it a jail cell with cheesy posters. You call it a grade. I call it the key to my future sucess. You call it a lesson. I call it BULLSHIT.
I get you hate this job I get you dont want to be here But I am here to learn So fake like you care
Silence. It crashes upon the shores of noise with the sound of television static. Then it stops. There is nothing but darkness in my ears and stars exploding in my brain.
Dear Mom,     Hi.     Wow. This is Hard.
She dances! She twirls! This amazing wind up girl! Come one! Come all! To see the painted smile doll! Put your order in today! We’ll send her, no delay! The price is really not that high!
Do you eve
Automatic voice Teacher talks despite herself Even she is bored   Someone’s head bobs back and forth As if to keep conscious   I feel myself fade I feel myself disappear
Hey you! Stop right there, Those are the five words I never fail to hear. In the hallway or inside the classroom, If a teacher sees you in an outfit a little out of dress code, you are very much doomed.
I stand in a crowd full of people and there is not one person who stands out to me There's not one black dot on this white peice of paper, and why do you suppose that is?
Yes, I value my education. That's why I'm always asking questions that you never answer. Yes, I am African American. I might not be as golden colored as your favorites, but that doesn't mean I'm ratchet.
To My Beloved Chris,  Something about you makes my heart race  That's why I don't want this to go fast-pace  You are on my mind all day,  During all hours of sleep, work, and play  If you don't want this anymore I'd understand,  But please let me
Music is in everything, it is everywhere. From the gravitating pull of rocks avalanching down a mountain, to the sound of my fingers caressing my scaple through my hair.
ay teach why do you do what you do u say your not found of kids but your choose to teach them deadlines, you get mad if we don't reach them but take forever to gradeour work why punish the whole class
You're the best thing that has ever happened to me  I would do anything for you You treat me with respect  And you care about my feelings You're the best thing to ever happen to me  And I couldn't be happier
I love you, I love her and him. Is that so wrong...... It's completely right. The way your hand fits in mine, the pressing of our palms remind me that you're mine.
the motto use to be no kid left behind. so you tell me one thing is it me or are they blind. 30 kids one teacher now who can do the math. everybody need assistance but he can barely help half.
Peel the mask off. No one is fooled. You claim a Savior, but you're in charge of this school?   Show us your face. Let us all see. Are you even real? Could you show that to me?  
Sometimes I feel as if I’ll be stuck here forever Like this pain will be here, always                                 Like a tattoo it will be here forever only to fade but to never go away
Have you ever felt that feeling, Where time flies way too fast? You're only half way through your freshman year, And you're already looking back. Was there ever a moment, When you thought it'd never end?
I truly don’t enjoy being talked at Almost as though I’m not in the room When a professor begins a lesson I wish for class to end so soon
Filled with rapture and glee, You were chosen among several; And now this is your departure from me, You leaving was only inevitable.   The nature of your leave was filled with sadness.
How shall your pupils learn if you don't teach? Though expectations encourage effort, Effort is hard to obtain when one has Surely failed to meet said expectations.   One may wonder why the willingness has
  I am dreaming I’m scared and alone, It’s dark in here I hear footsteps, They sound far away   But they are getting closer …and closer… and closer. A door opens a shadow appears,
  Who am I? Am I a hero? Am I a villain? A star, a role model, a mother? Who will I be... When I venture through the darkest of caves  Will I emerge to see the light? Who can I be?
Don't think i'm the guilty one, when your impressed with status. You can't ruin the abuser, when hes wrapped up in silk, a royalty in high school, while i'm just the pauper who cried wolf.
To the Teacher Who came in Ten minutes late to first period Because your car Broke down. Whose lesson plan is a last minute mess because You recently found out your husband is cheating.
Do you remember watching the stem grow? The evergreen leaves stretching out longer-each and every day. Do you remember seeing the day she was born? This beautiful pink flower That just emerged from the ground every so slightly.
Where is the color? The flavor tasted by the eyes. Where is the emotion? Hidden behind worksheets of lies. Why is it that we are slowly sinking Into unsociable demise? So we're are taught to be quiet,
No, I am not crying over a boy. No, I am not just a bit stressed. No, I am not just being a teenager.   Yes, I know I am shaking. Yes, this has happened before. Yes, I want you to leave me alone.
Yes, I am fully aware that my cleavage is exposed. No, I do not care. Yes, I know that it is against school dress code. No, I do not care. You claim that it is distracting to the class to be “indecently exposed”
It’s you You that I am scared of You chose me as your target all because of the way i look Or maybe it’s because I’m better than you Are you mad at the fact that I don’t have to
Conformity is like a box, Your as sly as a fox. You try to sneak in your ways, This is not a game everyone plays. Its so serious, Dont act mysterious. I have my beleifs as you do yours.
Breaking Branches Falling Leaves Seasons Change Caring Need Rolled down Sleeves Icy eyes Hurting Heart Who Survives?
Walking through the hallways, a million things going through my head Some of these classes made me feel dead Most teachers care, some don't Because it's only money they want.
It may be true that you and I Are not so different after all Teachers, students, see eye to eye Despite our disparities, let words enthrall   Caught amidst the social norms
Fear   Possibly the biggest four letter word   The future I fear   Rejection I fear  
Everyone has those moments Where doubt clouds the mind And they themselves end up broken They turn: numb, undetermined and blind   They cannot simply survive, neither can I.
Fwooosh, Into the net, Goalie’s fingers’ fumble for it, Miss, Cheering, Shouting, Victory.   School. Announcements, Congratulations, Teachers smile,
Hands are beautiful... They touch and caress. They love and hold. They grasp a hand and hold it firmly to ensure. They touch a face sweetly and move the cascading hair gently from a face and ensure something.
You wanna know who my best friend is? That's right, its this empty hallway. Why? Because this empty hallway isn't infected with the black plague.  You know, that nasty cancer that spreads throughout each and
we live in a world of constant contradictionopinions with unknown recognitionconstantly looking over our shoulderquestioning those we know won't listena world of true infidelity
Sweet like soda pop, Bubbly like champagne, You make everyone around you laugh and smile. The misty sky That makes rainbows appear, A kaleidoscope Beautiful like gems in the sun,
Seed sower You have sown the seed of the tree that is me Breathed life into lungs and patient limb construction I know my leaves rustle careful and free Because you are the sower of the tree that is me
I used to fear ghostsGhosts of peopleGhosts of pastsGhosts of memoriesGhosts of what could have beenGhosts, I thought, were the essence of fearThen the ghosts came to me
At night I walked along the railroad tracksof an unabandoned harbor running adjacentto the Penobscot. The cold air, crisp,interrupted by the smoke stacksof a paper mill, down aways. “Pan-Am Maine”coupled with graffiti adorned each train car.
Research says Teens need eight hours of sleep- Eight hours for the body to recharge Eight hours to delve into our mind And dream of whimsical ideas. But then I wonder, Why do teachers
Although the clocks hand’s may twist and wind in an infinite tumble round It only takes but a moment in time for one to utter a sound.   A breath though silent means all the more as its heavy waves roll up the shore
I'm barely holding on, I'm slowly letting go of this thing called reality, that's served its final blow I can't keep fighting, I'm not moving forward if anything, backwards, from this unrealistic torture
It hits hard like a stick on a drum it tears things apart, leaving you numb waiting until you're vulnerable, it takes you by surprise then striking fast it takes the ones, that were always by your side
this isn't my home, it's a temporary hell but I won't stand here and say, "Oh well" I'm sick of this life, I'm sick of this pain I'm tired of living, I'm mentally drained
The pain of the world strapped to their ankles a poet is weighed down.   Weighed down like cotton bales strapped to hunched backs; stone uprooted by torn cuticles and nails
The daily torture you can't escape the fearful days you have to face when you walk in, they all stop talking when you walk past, they all start laughing you sit alone everyday
Tapping the pencil against a desk, the scraping of a chair across the hardwood floor,running fingers along the keys of a piano lost in thought,                       what is that intangible, sweet tasting sound I've come to adore? My ears have per
Tell me why did you leave? Tell me why did you go? Was it something I said? I just got to know  
  Everything I have, I will freely give Not because it is my duty But because you are my love   Your body I will protect
Without a raise of the hand, I stood Knowing that I could be stifled, I know I did not care. Without a raise of the hand, I spoke Meaning no disrespect, but respect was the only matter on my mind.
I'm sorry, I hadnt realized that correct grammar and proper English was only something one race could doMy mother never told me I had to talk in slang, incomplete sentences, & silly colloquial speech 
YOU By Brittany Simon   You see my name but not my face You see my grade but not my state You hear my voice but not my words You hear the words but don’t know a verb
She caught me when I fell. She saved me from my own hell. She carried me when I couldn't walk; She gave me light when I saw only dark.   Behind her back I would see wings;
I am a woman I laugh, cry, smile, and frown I never want to let my family down I am a daughter Indescribable and pure like water I am a sister I come from good intentions I am a mother
Another night in sorrow, In pain. Fighting, yelling, and arguing, Seems like it never ends. The simplest things seems like they become more complex. Tension grows. Love dozes off, disappears,
On the outside i am calm and cool. i look like nothing will phase me.  I walk the halls think one step in front of the other. on the inside iam a little kid  crying out  only no one is their to hear 
Who is to say what a win or a loss is? I believe the magnitude of the win should be measured like beauty Only in the eye of the beholder, should it be judged.
  How can I succeed  Or Believe Or Achieve  When oppression plagues me ?  Under wraps is the violence-  Beneath shadows they hide it :                        
You tell me that you care. You tell me that students wouldn't dare. There are of course rules in place For offenses of such disgrace. I know you see the cutting words, I know you see the insults hurled.
Family. What is implied in that one word? It would seem the world stakes a lot in it. That it is the all-encompasing. The all-solving. The Holy Grail.
I don't know why, Why I feel this way. I don't know how, How to let you go. I don't know what, What to do. Confused about everything, Everything but you. I feel hollow.
Music reminding me of you, Is the music that's most sweetest. Places that we were, Makes places more beautiful. The words that you spoke, Made words seem so powerful. People that remind me of you,
I’ve dealt with a lot. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been heart broken, I’ve been ignored, I’ve been abandoned, I’ve been invisible, I’ve been a target. They tell me it’s just the
A blank stare glazes over the educators face Can she see that we are all dreadfully lost? Young, helpless, lame sheep with no guidance We cry out in unison Our inquires fall on deaf, dumb ears
The Great Depression, Or the market crashing down Nobody cares! What?   Adding matrices, Or microeconomics We all could care less.   Holden Caulfield? Ugh.
I wait and watch to hear my name, I wait until to see what tomorrow brings, I wait and I find myself listening, hoping, and dreaming.   Ohio brings what Arizona cannot, Humidity, winter, blazing summers
College is scary. It is also expensive. I need much money.
Hey, Teach! Yeah, you- Coach of that game. I have an A in your class And you don't know my name. Your main focus are those guys, The "populars", the jocks. But I have talent too,
Yeah so we're chilling in history classAnd I'm just thinking can I have a piece of that ass?Then the teacher says get out your textbook But really who the fuck cares  Oh man her ass is thickI know she wants to ride my dick I don't care if she's go
I think it’s so fucked up how someone could just tear you apart like you never meant anything to them To put them into misery with the simplest of a silent response To ignore the words that they aren’t saying
When in school  they say we should learn everything that is possible they don't see the obstacles 
Hello, my name is Becky and I'm: A fighter of my own, A sister who's shadowed, A daughter who's compared but I'm bold! I always try to do what I'm told even if I know I'll regret it
Mistakes are made, you fight for what you think is right. What other options are on your side? Rumors spread through the halls and you are suddenly the center of attention.
Individuality is a rarity We live in a world of carbon copies Of mass productions A world where uniqueness is taken for granted And similiraty is highly evident
I have a life, you know, outside of school,  in the real world.   My life is not just your class. I have other classes art, government, physics, math,  piano, english, and economics.  
One runny nose and two puffy red eyes says she's being irrational, A barrage of words only partially heartfelt, Unstoppable and not the least bit held back Tongue. Teeth. Lips. Air.  
What do I see,I see nothing.Reflections don't change,Memories can't phase.The love can't never go away.Unconditional, unreliable, uncontrollable love.You fought for yours, I fight for mines.
    Criticized. What’s the point of even speaking? Focus on breathing. Teacher’s eyes seek out mine. Keep my head down.
Four childish eyes Looking at their own child Eight hands kept the baby standing Wrinkly hands against smooth skin Loved by six people Raised by six parents   Two created her
As I look upon my friends, family, and all that I've known to call.. home The passage of time, that of which can not be slowed yet, it can not be hastened, flows ever so steadily.
When I look around I see conformity. We try to be the same to maintain a sense of normalcy but it just constricts our voices. The world is closing in around us,
Silence. White. Blank.  Conception of the bodies from within Their ever so lovely veins coursed in ebony  And the fibers of sustainment A swelling frenzy  A welcomed rage
  You were our hero Hovering over our Innocence.   But you swapped your Respect for oxytocin rushing Through your veins for a taste of love and a taste of innocence.  
  Jealousy is a strange thing; like drinking cold coffee in the dark, like howling for the moon to sacrifice its light or watching a                     beautiful couple
Who are we to say what love is? Mother to father.  Sister to brother. Man to woman.  Man to man. Who are we to say what love is? It should not make people afraid to be who they are. 
Before I beginI must say this story is filled with an abundant amount of sinIntertwined with remarkable appearanceI repaint this canvas to enhance itsAdherenceFor my thoughtsSadly for heThe creator
if you never stop questioning what you're toldwhat you're shownwhat you're guaranteedwhat you're spoon-fed by the hand ofstingyswinishshrewd and slybusinessmenwell that's half the battle.
Remember when you learned to walk Remember when you learned to talk Remember when i taught you to share Remember when i taught you to care
I hear rain drops Drip, drip, drip I see people walking in and out of my life Goodbye one says, hello says another I miss you my loving father As I lay at rest for the night; everything will be fine
High School is about One dream that we all persue Only some acquire.
     What sly, sneaky dogs gentleman can be,disguising themselves to others to have a sort of innocent fluency. But what man can truly stand with his girl and not look at another,or struggle not to?
"You make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel.."Perfect.And if I'm perfectly honest I can't help it.All my attempts at being disaffectedAre utterly demolished,When faced with your affection.
I have a friend, the term friend used lightly, here she comes, here come depression once again, taking over what doesn’t belong to it, once again mad at the world, once again forcing a smile, once again whipping away tears, once again hurting and
The Cold Has Come And GoneYet Some, Stay FrozenWhether It Be a State of Bliss Or SorrowTis There they Will StayNever Moving, Never ChangingForever Trapped Within themselvesWithin Their pain
Three years next Tuesday. That was the day you left me. I've questioned God for three years. I've asked why you were taken instead of me. It may not have been that type of situation.
Vibrant or dull Oil, acrylic, watercolor Charcoal or pastel Marker, pen, colored pencil Multimedia collage Color, shape, line, form, texture, value, space
One, two, three, four Red, yellow, blue, and more Five, six, seven, eight Raise your hand and sit up straight These things we learn in elementary They stay with us more than a century  
I dream of the glistening glare as I look up into the sun. I dream of the limber grass bending as I touch. I dream of my little boy making a homerun. Is this all too much? Yet, you still ask me if I could see
Starting from middle school, With petty journal entries Just to keep some days in my memories. I filled a journal with a key, bent. The book didn't fill my hearts content.  
I am soaking wet In a sweatshirt two sizes too large And in a skin bound too tightly for me to ever fully claim as my own   Poetry is the mirror in a dingy restroom with fluorescent lighting, a moldy ceiling
My Poisonous Words When I’m silent, I do think, Compose my thoughts before I speak, Hide your heart behind a shield,
See when I was younger my momma said when you turn 18, You either go to college or get a job or you won't be staying, In my house. So every since the 9th grade I've been grinding,
She gets one more bad gradeThe loans are piling up; Never fully paidStarts to look like there's no way out...
To express in prose Is the work of a poet For any fellow may give a rose But few a sonnet   I cannot fathom which I love most, The romance of chasing a muse Or the art of drawing with words
Friend, I was so shocked when I heard of your fate. How could something so bad happen to someone so great? I shed many tears and hugged many friends. I tried to reason why your life had reached its end.
In an alternate reality where paper becomes the streets and the roads, where pens are the cars whirling and whizzing along, where my thoughts, emotions, and fears form the melodic landscaping codes.
I write for the people who can't write. The ones who don't have pens and pencils to write with, the ones who can't read, or the ones who have no arms. I'm not picky. I write for them, because if I don't, nobody will
    I’ve been putting my heart and soul in my all my verses, times going and I just can’t seem to move forward … one of the many curses Another is, that pains me just as equally is to be a witness of such self-destruction
I write to love I write to hate I write to remember I write to forget   The lonely little girl with her unseen drawings her never read stories I write for her  
The world as perceived by the saddest of the sad is just a rusty radio Static Turned low, so's not to wake my neighbor. Too tired to turn it off too worn down to search for a signal. So, resigned, I sit
Words change, propel, inspire, Words give, comfort, guide, Words cripple, damage, diminish, but, words connect. Words connect hearts, sentences, and people. And words destroy connections just the same.
DECiSIONS   I'm very upset right now... But I'm not gonna let it show through  I feel like I could just cry saying boohoo   I'm stronger than that  The woman I am, can stand, 
I once was a saint pure and true procting the things closest to me and you but then came a monster filled hate we stared from afar, seperated rusty gates Then before I saw a child
Bedtime is here It's time to sleep. "Aww momma! Not now! I cannot keep My dolly waiting for me!"   I'd pout! I'd hide! You name it I tried! I want 5 more minutes to play!  
Why I write?  Why I write?  The true query is why men speak So often?  So often when they do not mean what they say nor understand what they mean Or even care to
It is an escape from reality, reality that is at times hard to bear, when nothing feels right, and my heart aches to fit in, but yearns for privacy, that is when I sneak,
They say when you cry you'reWEAK"Suck it up " they sayUnknowingly they force you to hold back your tearsBut don't hold them back ; crying is nothing more than escaping pain
I'm writing because I'm angry. I'm writing because I'm sad. I'm writing because I'm lost. I'm writing because I'm mad.  Words are my escape. It is like they understand. I can express my true feelings,
From day one we learn We see the faces, hear the voices School, as we grow  Lessons, every year One thing we always gather WORDS From the voices From our teachers From our lessons
You're gone, Out of sight, Out of my life, But never out of my mind.   You're always there, Lingering In the back of my mind, Refusing to escape my thoughts,
With this paper and pen I turn my pain into an artistic expressive manifestation Thoughts strewn across the membrane of each cell That identify as my being  
I gotta couple questions, please answer them honestly. Because this stuff is gettting old with you, her, & me. So how does it feel knowing you've broken me down? Because everyone knows in our hometown.
I Need To Write  
Something I always wanted  Always dreamed  Now they rest beneath the dirt
The reason is simple. It’s not black and white. My pen is drawn to paper with ease For once, my mind is free. Words flow to and fro. I write for emotion. My feelings run with every thought.
Music is my heroin. Headphones are my needles. Being able to drown you out is my highI dont tlk about my feelings. I do musical therapy. I feel better without talking.
Who shall I praise in my moment of glory  Who shall I praise in my moment of pity Who shall I praise when I need to be happy Who shall I praise when I cry like a baby Who shall I praise when I don't know who to be
God had walked away from me that rainy afternoon I do not know why A dark fate awaited me    Punishment for girls who walk alone and disobey Reward for Men who drive around looking for their prey  
I sit across from A dark haired lady Her face is full of concern   “Have you ever thought About putting your feelings
Never knew you well enough Made laughs, made cries, made all that stuff She loved you, we loved you, they loved you dearly Just to see you one last time clearly White walls, blue desks, brown tables, tiled floors
The first time I held a book, I was a mere three years of age. I had no idea what the imprinted words on the book meant, Only, that I wanted to read them, know them, understand them.
Words that are for the wisdom we choose to seek  Predators circle its prey until its last breath  Dictators watch as it its it solemn flesh Stuck in one’s mind of the already decided
This paper understands me. It catches the words that bleed from my mouth. Cushions the blow as they fall to my desk. This page is the place where I don't have to hide. My pen is the bike for an open mind ride.
Being rewarded: to receive something for doing something. It's a great feeling whether it be cash or whatever with we're dealing.  It sort of a mental healing.  To feel accepted and recognized,
I don’t always know right from wrong I don’t choose to write  it helps me get along.  “Cold world” they say, cackle and scurry on.
  The familiar thwack of shoulder pads colliding filled the air. My heart pounded from the run over. My eyes searched for him on the field. Then I saw the familiar skinny, much too pale limbs,
Ideas, Jumbled in my head, pulsating, spinning, swirling I look at the blank document, white space Music lightly decorating the room Fingertips tingling, a quick impulsive burst of energy thrust onto the screen
Funny how we forget where we come from Funny how we never really can't Funny how death brings sadness Funny how life brings pain A leaf is not really green The sky is not really blue
There are days that I findI do not identify with the me thatreflects in the sight of others.Lost in my subliminal mind,when ink spills and pen is broken,my quiet tongue is the ripple
It’s a deep breath for lungs that struggle to breath, It’s a drink of water for lips that crack and bleed, It’s sight for when all the light is gone and the world is black and horrid,
You taught me expression And how to be free You taught me convition And how to believe Cradling happiness Confining the sad Creating divinity Crushing the bad Write it on paper
  Dolls, dress-up, hop scotch, and hand games. Those things I didn’t have time for at that age.   Growing up was the only choice I had.
Habitually Speechless, attacked by my violent mind, my mouth is a blocked exit. Slammed against the glass of revolving doors, turning with no direction,
She comes to me feverishly in the night, relishing in the moonbeams soft as her fingertips, cool to the touch, ever invigorating as the seconds tick on,
Poetry, who knew it could bring so much of an impact in ones life. It saved me from grabbing a knife, and has allowed me to make a strive. Poetry has kept me alive and away from trouble out in the streets.
My Heart’s Villain   One of secrets I am   Like a mole, my numerous chambers Are elusive to you
I write this poem is for you,Because you have an honest soul,Because you've cried yourself to sleep at night at least once before.
Whenever I am down      when I can no longer take it anymore  bad thoughts goes through my mind   sometimes I want my life to end already but what would that take me  I would only disapear
Ideas and words scrambled in the mind on the author Waiting for their moment to shine to an audience That is in turn waiting to hear the wisdom in the words. Ideas and words that mean so much more
My family isn’t much, nor is my surroundings. It’s only Mom, Dad, and Sarah. Dad is always working, Mom is always cleaning, and Sarah always complains. There is only one thing that I cannot explain.
Why is it that you see me writing, scribbling, scratching,  on pages upon pages of paper?   So I can dance, of course. Dance a waltz with my sadness, Dance a tango with my troubles,
One cannot recall what love truly is, or whether one is meant to experience, that one feeling that can never be forgotten.   The meaning is quite frankly common sense
I write for me. I write to keep my soul alive. I write for my mind to strive. I write to share my dreams. I write because it means something to me. I write to preserve my sanity. I write to share my story. I am me and I am a writer.
Words are surrounding me; Rhetorical devices fill the air. I sit solemnly and think Organizing my thoughts into linear patterns
Why do I write? Why does it matter? That the hands fly to keep up with the mind that is faster? It's a racing mind, filled with stories and ryhmes feeling like I'm running out of time,
There’s a lot that could have been avoided A lot that could have been taken care of But wasn’t   There’s much that could have turned out different Everything in fact  
Poetry It's everything I'm not it's bold and free Everything I want to be  And more I can live out love songs And triumph over evils like superheros
Naive not strong, let it dim fleeting out like helpless birds My cage is closed,my heart strong. Inside I will remain forever young.   Deep down inside, my soul, A Cage.
     Cuando plasmo en papel dejo huella de mi alma, la poesía libera mis más profundos pensamientos me alivia como el aire del viento.
I have trouble speaking aloud; it could because of the bullies. Words are easier to write, I don't have to worry. My voice will not shake; my hand is firm, as my pen creates a world out of my own words.
I never did try to convey my feelings on a page of a diary, It wasn’t my thing, But I thought maybe through a poem, I could spill my inner truths like ink on a blank paper To make me feel better.
I write for beautiful. I write for peace. I write for me.   Sometimes a pen to paper is easier than words to a mouth  
I think it started With a fleeting glance. I had to capture, somehow, This moment in time provoking A fluttering of my heart. Then it became My mode of voice, Of choice.
Every thought I have has always been concealed Confined to my pens rhymes as I strive to keep it real When my pen hits paper, all bets are off Allowing me to walk the tightrope of my thoughts
i write because i'm scared. What if no one listens to me when i pour my heart out Using words. Not with a pen and some paper though.  i mean actually SAYING what i'm feeling. What if.....
You touched the deepest part of me You got my heart, my heart its jumping I always dreamed of you even when we are apart I'll give you my heart when you need it I'll be there by your side
Have you ever fell on your bed crying? Have you ever sat down alone begging for someone to understand? Have you ever felt like it'd be better dying? Don't be scared I am here to take your hand.
People dance while bright hearts are being lost searching for the process where hearts are found your soul may become harmed, bruised, or destroyed you begin to feel like your soul is bound.  
Spoke of you with ardency Our bodies together, much like poetry No need to speak, rhythms come from our figures You were the stars to my sky You'd become the glare in my eyes Funny how things came to be
One more sentence But there's no more words left. Can you explain it? Your mind is quiet.  The music didn't die, poetry did.  Grab your pen.  And another There's your weapon.
Life is poetry   -   Do not take it for granted  -  You are the poem.
  I was first introduced By a man named Dr. Seuss.   His rhymes helped me in the best of ways, Especially if it was one of my worst days.   A real inspiration, Gave me a good foundation.
A question such as this was once asked to me, I simply said it made me free. The questioner said, "Well, so does reading!" to which I respond, "But I have a greater needing."
As the ocean conforts me. The only thing between, Me and the sea, Is the air I breath.   As the tide comes in, I feel safe within. As the tide goes out, It takes my doubts.  
A tremor shakes the vessels in my head tightening around my skull until the water drops from my eyes and a ghost takes host of me.   My brown skin turns to cream my lips too tight,
Smile Ashley! Sit there and look pretty. Only speak when you're spoken to. Show each of them respect, And God knows I did. My heads pounding the more I smile.
I write because there is a blank page in front of me Calling out to me and waiting to be defined, To be told its own story so that it can pass it on To anyone else willing to listen.  
Leaving this place Still not knowing the value of X An unspoken race Formed by society No piety Creativity
As the punches and kicks fly Bystanders look around To and fro Some look up at the sky While others decide to take no action And to just turn their backs And go The victim is hurt
It's unbelievable how much hurt there is out there Not very many of us actually are willing to take a stand To even care If we could just put aside our differences Unite And fight To feed the hungry
I can never speak, the words come out  twisted and jumbled and ran together as if the sentences I form were hit by a train on its track   When I write everything comes out clearly I can write on for 
My reasons why are much deeper than the past Looking to the future like How the hell do I keep going? My eyes stay blurry I can barely see what I’m writing. How does life change faster than lightning?  
she liked the ocean breeze because it reminded her of childhood and getting away   and she liked the soft caress of music for it whispered needed asurance and took her breath away  
I bleed words; They exit my body with a flow. All the syllables in my head, Must have somewhere to go. Paper receives, With the most open mind of all. It doesn't criticize,
Why does he write? An question rhetorical in its nature To know why he writes Is to kno the story of the Pen & the Paper One plays the role of his savior the other one plays the role of his creator
I broke the vow, and ran out of the church. I did for us! I did for our love! And nevertheless, I disappointed my father.
I went to go see you I wrestled with myself about it many times in the past I didn’t want you to catch on to how I felt But that day was different The past night I’d barely survived myself
Kiss me sweetlyDon’t you worryHold me tightlyLove me gently Your deep sharp gazeMakes my heart raceI will love you alwaysNow until the end of days
Wrap your arms around her and say "I'll never let go."                                                                      What she may do when she gets older,                                                                                       
Love is a bond that we both share. Love is not just found anywhere. This word "love" may be small, but it's power is like a stone wall. When you're in love, you go through pain. If it's real love, you will remain.
Why do I write? Well, that is certaintly a question to be asked. Why do I listen to music? Why do I choose to yell and curse? It's because it is liberating.
  lost child looking for an outlet  searching the world for every possible option one option was helpful, includes a pen and a paper and the most important thing, her beautiful thoughts  
Day by day The realities of life gets hard Too much pressure To be the best of who you are.   Endless thoughts scatter my mind, As I lay here, contemplating about my life.
With nowhere to turn, my life flashes by. Looking around and nowhere to hide. I know all these faces, and they all know mine. The same faces day after day. They get comfortable with not saying hey. Walking around with nowhere to belong.
You are my love and my everything, Oh What I would give, to hear your heart sing.  For you I love, and for you I care, And I will be your partner, everywhere. Rely on me, for your love and peace,
I feel like I’m being crushed by a beam Because everything isn’t always what it seems I’m in disgust with my life And all of its being I have so much hurt & doubt I don’t know which way is the route
A little angel that's much too grown for her wings. Broken hearts and broken dreams. Faith is shattered and she doesn't know why. She can't even remember how to fly. She's stuck on the ground in her mess.
A written poem has so much meaning. A word like love, so broad- A word like baby, so precious. A poem helps you unwind; like stretching before excercising. Writing helps you release,
Love comes and goes,  thats how every story is told  like started to doubt , until my heart began to shout    As I began to believe there was no one for me ,
  My dearest what do you see in me? what do you feel when you touch my skin? does your blood swell like the tide in your veins? Do you hear the ocean in the conch of my ear?  
Poetry is more than just words. Poetry is Dimensional.. It lets you taste my nouns and swallow my verbs. With poetry you can take a step in my shoes. Experience my pain or my heartache. My trials and my tribulations. Why I do the things I do.
People don't know that I never sleep an entire night through. They don't know that I'm still crazy over you. People don't know that I am ashamed of everything that is me. They don't know how well you knew me.
It is my rescuer This written word It helps me create my own other world I just pour my feelings onto the page And everything just seems to go away I conquer the bad And celebrate the good
America. Home of the brave, Land of the free. But it seems we hide behind the walls of our homes every day. Yet our homes were built from the ground that’s supposed to let us be, Free.
Childhood is like a lost toy, Holding many memories and joy.   Little hands grow bigger The girl’s clothes don’t fit her. Out grown her babbling twitter, Now her mind is so bitter.  
Forget love lets just be happy Anger, lies, and not being perfect This all causes problems.
Why do I write? I write because it helps me I write becuase it helps me over come my social anxiety It helps me articulate the words I can't do physically It hepls me share my heart when my mouth won't
  Of eight sisters, I am the second. Though dissimilar in stature and mannerisms, We are closely connected.   Mama is the leader of the household. Lilliputian in size, but lively and loud,
You seem to put me in the same category as your LAST and hardly give me a chance bc of what happened in the PAST.. But how can you expect love come already stable and ADJUSTED
Love? What is love? Love is hurt . Love is pain Love is the feeling of going insane
Normal is Boring Doing the Same Routine Daily Everybody dresses the same Its like playing an old game of Follow the Leader One that never ends We all go this way Or that way
When I place Paper and Pen in my space My mind begins to pace My heart begins to race.   I'm Free! I'm Free!   Thoughts flow My pen begins to glow With the truth.  
Poetry is self expression. No guidlines, no rules. Noone to tell you, "you're doing it wronge" or "you have to do this too." Poetry doesn't have to rhyme, have 10 beats, or eight lines.
  Novel is the idea of group think and copious companions. At first the experience enticed me, but later I came to see that there were punishments for being… “different”.
I bleed the riddles within the lines,  within the stanzas   So much so that I need the words of nourishment  to give me lively breaths  and keep the muscle in my chest movin  
And so it began, A feeling undefined, A never ending war between I and my mind, The thought, the touch, the sound,a girl, Just a girl.
Your third Eye, blinks my I blind, I find myself pondering what is it of Love To See, For love goes unseen when I finally find Eye to Be, For our Hearts are the only drums that take Two I's for Eye to Beat.
I write to express my deepest thoughts and emotions.  The red anger.  The blue saddness.  The yellow happy that kisses my skin in the soft morning dewiness of the sun in the morning.  The quiet calm of night.  Nothing makes sense with out it.  Wor
My mother thin in her yellow dress, the dress each Sunday saw. The large women sparkled, laughing in the glow of their prosperity, exchanging empty "bless your heart"'s. Fat bellies and wallets abundant in
Panic sets in..  There's another storm in my temple, but it naturally stands firm. A place of ryhthmic vibrations, and home of love's peculiar creations. There's a need for an outpour,
You're all I think about; morning, noon, and night. When you're not around, I miss you so much and it hurts so bad... You take a big part of me...my heart...and I'll never ask for it back.
I wish you had been there like all the other daddies to scare away the boys. Instead you beat me as the undesired child you said I was.   I wish you were there to help me with homework
Through writing I can allow my words to come out freely, the walls that shut me in can come down. I feel the pressure leaving, like a screeching teapot  taken off the flame.  I see what I write,
A young girl once harmed; many times for many years. A young girl once harmed; confuse and anguished in utter pain. That young girl turned bad. Seemed as though her innocense was gone.
What is poetry but words?  Words on pages, words on screens Words hiding in heads, caught on the edge of screams. Why do I love words so? Why do I write?  I can breath just fine without poetry
my ears muster only the skeleton of your voice, a hollow memory traipsing its legs over a joyful moment, its recalcitrant grasp shackling me in high tides of self-loathing & worthlessness.
leaves of gold from last night’s reverie flitter & flake off, an ethereal cocoon, an awakened chrysalis. porcelain cloud, earnest & pure. beacon cast to guide her mind; debuted with a silent yearning.
I was only tryna get ahead... I only tried to love you the only way I know how; with all my heart. I put in my best effort in hopes to make
  Words are power. For if you speak with influential words, intelligent words, confident words, people will listen.
Rolling over mountains Sky revolves as I view the clouds Voices are floating by I could hear them if I knew how Looking straight Leave nothing behind Peace is unattainable
To me, art is the ninth wonder of the world, The yin-yang, the peace, and the harmony of life, A mystery yet to be unraveled,
  Cravings. Blood lust swooning for you through the blue of my veins, blushing under my skin.
  To me, ART has boundaries. It must Be more than expressive ugliness or even sheer beauty. The purest ART holds An ability to swiftly, discretely, completely arrest its viewer, transforming his eyes into those of the
A peek into someone's heart That shows that we are connected By the  rhythm of our souls Is why I try to write.   Without effort Expression flows And the rythm of my soul is why I write.
It was a cold war, not many survived. It took many of lives, One of them a friend of mine. He was a brave soldier, But even a braver man. He took his vowels,
We started to argue and then it got worse ,we started to converse and I tried to make it better, whether it was truth be told or me talking from my soul she knew me to be
(poems go here)
Sitting in the fifth grade, Poems were a drag. Does broccoli rhyme with celery? It's shaped like a handbag? I know it was annoying, But it really helped me write. I was creative, yet realistic.
Justice, that seven letter word... its much bigger than g-u-n, or k-i-l-l. Justice, it speaks for me, for you, the person holding the gun wodering what to do. Justice isn't like learning your a,b,c's.
A moment of peace when only our thoughts become our speech Our minds rewind as waves shower back against the sea, The passage in time with no utter sound or words that feel bleak,
Why cant you see That he is the one The one for me The choices I make Are the right ones for me   I wish you would give yourself the chance To show everyone What I see in you
I am not a track star, but I run anyways. I run from my fears, and my pain. I don’t just run from the bad, I sprint from the good. I run from those who wish to help, Who wish to love me for all that I am.
Your skirt should be to your knees, but ankle-length is better. Your father is always right; you mustn’t challenge the man of God so don’t ask questions (in case you happen to speak).
A coder who shines in the light. One who determines, what seems wrong and what seems right. What he is doing, is his passion. The goal to be recognized, is always ever lasting. He stays up all day and night.
I take the kind of pen very seriously. It is an extension of my hand Which is my part body, And on a good day my mind and my body Are one.   And I write because I am compelled to,
Why do I write? Writing has become a part of my life. Through my sinister days, writing was there the day of my wake. Tragedy after tragedy, lost in a deep dark hole, writing was there, and it became my home.
I go outside and the thunder expresses my anguish. The rain embodies my tears. The lightening is the passion inside my heart. It's liberating to discover something so much like yourself. I bathe in its beauty and relinquish the thought of danger.
Something about you makes you different but words nor actions can come up with the complete concept the complete word to describe your uniqueness when i first layed eyes upon you there was a trigger
Living life without regret, independence built and firmly set, making the grade and making it count, these are the things that I am about.                                                                                                  Can't find
  They feel their life draining,   Their color changing.   Their mother letting them go   To save herself.  
Poetry differs from any other form of writing in many ways, It takes a true man or woman to create a poem. Poetry is about the art of expressing one’s feelings in an eloquent fashion.
Life, there's a battle to fight, there's a war to win. We cry, we hurt, we experience, we sin. Some are strong, some are known to be weak. We get through tribulations, but fold when rumors leak. We're lost so we write and find ourselves in words.
Hear their sickened words their twisted lies taste the poison on their tongues   Isolated and alone i hide in the shadows away from the evil away from their world  
is there a word for that painful sort of beauty when the grass is too green? for fog-heavy mornings that shed their skin and slideinto soft black nights?
Poetry is an art,  A meduim of words.  It can come from the mind,  Showing passion or pain.    I write to express,  It becomes an outlet for emotions.  Only for my eyes, 
The children play with the toy soldiers, Battling for candy and toys. They throw around the toy soldiers, Adding their own background noise.
 When i look into your eyes, their full of wonder, beauty and suprise.When i see your gorgeous hair, all that i can do is stop and stare.You always know what to say, to give a great start to the rest of my day.If i start feeling sad, you know just
When everybody looks at us They say we are lovebirds, Like grandma and grandpa That you’ll take a bullet for me. But I know for a fact you won’t, only Bruno Mars will. If they looked closely in my eyes
I think there are five major influences, books, movies, music, peoples' words, and poetry. For me, the strongest of these is poetry. It sticks with you like a book
So young with highs as sharp as mountain peaks, and lows deeper than the bottom of the sea. The flashes of emotions were killing me, and the pills were not healing me. In my head there were bits and pieces
The women who birth me My protecter in times of fear and doubt she will never judge me, so I never hold out I release my feelings, as she embraces them Not judging, not saying a word she listens
I will prove you wrong.  I will show you that I can.  I will never quit.  I will fight for it.  I will be knocked down.  I will want to stop.  I will get back up.  I will do it for ME. 
A constant babble fills my ears too many people shouting their word. I cannot listen, nor can I be heard.   I cry out, to the great unknown Whether or not they hear me i don't know.
Ladies, there’s something that I’m seeing and it grieves me to the core. That while we sit in pews and claim all I need is Jesus, we yearn for more. So we turn to novels, love songs, pornography and lust for men.
When I was six years old, I liked to pretend. My imagination was wild. And one day, I pretended to be a puppy. Why? Because why not?
Why do I write you say? Why do i scribble the day away? Words are moving, filled with emotion. Writing succesfully requires devotion. It is upon this note, That here this poem is what i wrote.
I lay my head gently on my pillow I hear the soft sound of rain near the door As I hear a whipping, weeping willow Only we could be together forevermore I reminisce on days that have gone past
I stay up late thoughts running through my head I try to speak and wait to be heard I look all around me and see unfamiliar faces No one understands my cries I escape into a world where no one knows my name
She silently gilded across the moon reflecting sandThe dreadful night everything was takenThe torture, the torment and the painHer heart ached…ached for himAs her eyes looked to the heaven’s above
why is that people dont see what I see? Is it too hard to comprehend that of which you have right before your eyes daughters worth more than gold, the rarest pearls, diamonds, greater than the world
Every day is a struggle When you have no one to lean on All of my problems and pain began weigh so heavy, when will it end.   I'm giving my all Day in and day out Crying out to you 
Its suppose to be a theory, that a red rose is for love. But when that rose dies after a couple of weeks, then what does it mean?
I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did. I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did. I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.  
I never knew I would meet someone like you, but I did. I never knew I would come to feel this way about you, but I did. I never knew I would get to go on a first date, hold someone's hand, have a first kiss, but I did.  
Would you like to be limitless? How does it feel to be free? No worries, no struggles, no pain that you see in me. Poetry is being limitlimess Everything on the paper is real Writing for no personal gain
Alas will you look at me Hence forth it shall be A proclamation of such beauty. We watch as the stars fall from the sky. You hold me as a tear drops from mine eye as we gaze at the flutters of many a butterfly.
                                                The words just seem to appear on the paper Like magic is flowing out of my pen As I escape into a far off land;
  Love came with you, engulfing me like a flame. We were supposed to be forever, But all that’s left is blame. You promised you adored me like no other
Words align on a page, soldiers ready to fire a message into the hearts of a reader, inspiration into the minds of the lost, hope into the souls of forgotten. A simple rhyme is transformed into
When people ask, how I've been raised I'm not ashamed to answer. Because I am not phased, by those, 'I don't like her's.   I was not always strong.
With pain and suffering What more could you do? Only in your mind you will see: It is all up to you.   There are ups, and plenty of downs Many people leave, some stay around.
With pain and suffering What more could you do? Only in your mind you will see: It is all up to you.   There are ups, and plenty of downs Many people leave, some stay around.
With pain and suffering What more could you do? Only in your mind you will see: It is all up to you.   There are ups, and plenty of downs Many people leave, some stay around.
With pain and suffering What more could you do? Only in your mind you will see: It is all up to you.   There are ups, and plenty of downs Many people leave, some stay around.
With pain and suffering What more could you do? Only in your mind you will see: It is all up to you.   There are ups, and plenty of downs Many people leave, some stay around.
With pain and suffering What more could you do? Only in your mind you will see: It is all up to you.   There are ups, and plenty of downs Many people leave, some stay around.
Day in, Day out. Old news, Old games. One hears, One listens, But only some Write.   Still beauty of nature in the cold, The rushing wind in the fast moving city.
Dreaming, waking, leaving no hint of arrival, Something draws closes, becomng needed for survival. The heart starts longing for the warmth it brings. It stands up and prepares to sing
I have a bitter heart I have been broken and scarred. But I am patched Yet still sore. It is not my fault but at the same time it is.   To fall easily is truly
Backstairs traipse ever down, slow and fruitless winding Colorless walls with shadows tall are all that I am finding. Trapped within this hidden void, I creep among the black
How I wish I was the pillow on your bed Where your thoughts are coaxed From your weary head Where your soft cheek lays And you warmth, it stays And your conscience's troubles all are shed  
Why do I write? i write because its the safest way to fight Why do I write? I write because I want to fight for what is right Why do I write? because there's to many things in this world that wrong 
  If this is living, I'm not sure if I want to live.  If only I could move.. just get away, but I can only go where I am taken to. No one seems to like me and they seem to think
When you feel too much to speakJust close your eyes and dreamOf a place you feel strong and freeThat is what poetry is to me When no one understandsPick up a paper and a penWrite all your troubled thoughts upon herePoetry has been my lending ear A
I'm being hunted, stuck alone in this house still haunted! Where did the nights go? Down the bottle, down the drain a worthless life I could never feign.
We are just growing up, that’s all. As she tries to recall, She stares into the mirror and sees, A person at unease. She wonders how she became like this, having trouble finding true bliss.
The calendar keeps sneaking up on me. I'm leaving home soon. I think about how everyone will keep living their lives and all will go on without me and it keeps me from worrying about my mother.
I feel it taking over my dreams, the sheer existence of possession is to rid me of divinity. I feel my bones break as I'm given up like a lamb to the stake.
They say love is a great feeling; It gives the heart great healing. Like a child christmas morning, or a rainbow after the pouring. So high on love, don't realize what is does. Pain. Tears. Sorrow, through out the years. Love murders. Love hurts.
You wake up in bed,It's killing you.At breakfast,It's killing you.
I can breathe out all of it and nobody has to know, or everybody can know burdens, dreams my shifting and tampering and judging spread out, carbon on paper, font serif or sans-serif writing makes me hopeful
The way you laugh, the way you smile, its makes my heart run for miles. Around the world, around the sun, i know for sure your the one.
For my wife, Kathleen Cain.
The girl with the bright, friendly eyes And the smile that masked her tears with a twinge of shyness Could not use brushes or pencils To paint her fears as her father and grandmother could.
I was wondering if someon could explain to me this word. One that's overrated and used by something over herard. I'm sure they perfer to give me a synonym to bend me in this ceaseless seach from the meaning of this word.
Why do I write?Why do people breathe? It’s because they can’t not!Writing is breathing. The Characters I create are my friends, the friends I never had in reality.
It is in the stains of her pale fingers— the bitten nails, the ink that lingers   Stuck in her throat between here and there the obstruction that remains, that haunts her everywhere
Poetry is an escape for me, I can let go of life, It sets me free, My thoughts can be read, Shown in black and white, My feelings bleed through, Dripping into the words I write,
a little girl lost behind the skirts of four beautiful sisters, quiet amongst the charming laughter and razor-sharp wit, unbalanced by the deep minds and spectacular intelligence,
Can't you tell by the scars I wear? I'm slowly losing my mind tear by tear it's too much to bear! It's the perfect season to end it all right? It's the perfect time to end my life tonight?
This is my personal armageddon. My Body grows numb from the constant wreck I've become. Sick and tired of feeling alone. Trapped in a lifeless body with no one to hold. I surrendered to the cold.
(poems go here) And how can I not love him when he makes it oh so easy The things he does, the words he says, everything about him seems to complete me
When I put pen to paper there is no hold back on the amountEndless feelings cannot be spilled with in 30 linesAnd an imminent amount of timeAnd sometimes, they're not even sublimeSo you're here, like why waste my time
What does it mean to be a boy or a girl? What does the phase "you throw like a girl" even mean? And why is it a girl can't do the same things a boy can do? Why is pink deem a girly color and blue is meant for a baby boy?
I write because it is what I know how to do. I write because it express how I feel when I can't speak. Unraveling the deepest parts of my mind, my troubles,  and escaping into a place that I can claim as my own.
I fear for the man of untouched ice for it lacks the warmth of love, the healing tears from where it has once been broken, and the feeling of being saved by love to help mend what has been scarred.
I always thought that I could fly But your words..and your punches kept me separated from the sky Next stop, memory lane. Land of the insane, I don’t like making many trips there.
The dawn of man is coming to end. The Son of Man is here this is no myth and not a child playing pretend. Mankind is evil from the day that we're born but there is hope as time passes and our skin is withered and worn.
They say the human mind is a piece of work, easily controlled by the devil like a fish driven in by a hook. But God am I the bait or simply just a righteous crook? I have no way of knowing if I'll find death so I continue to look.
I'm not one to hold grudges I don't care about the hype. I've come so far and you know I'm not the vengeful type but I still can't believe I let myself stoop so low because you let me cling on to a false hope.
For too long this grudge has taken hold. A clear contagion and there's a man overboard. I see hate, I see pain, and disdain. Society sees you as a worn out bloodstain.
How did it feel to wrap your hands around him and strip his innocence like meat off the bone? How does it feel to know that for fifteen years you left his mind in constant fear? You surround yourself with broken dreams and the tears of children.
As I see you dissapear it's impossible for me not to think this is goodbye. I have lost my strength and capability to see you.
I think I always knew I would love you. As a kid I used to joke that I would marry you, but somewhere down the winding road of life that joke turned from a hearty giggle to a light-hearted laugh of sincerity.
Why? Reluctantly It expresses The Emotions of the soul   Provides an Outlet to Express Thoughts Running through Your mind
  The love we have Is so strong.Our Love Is possibleTo have  The way we are togetherthe way I miss you,When we are not together.The butterflies I get,When we kiss.
Is it my fate to move forward amongst my peers? Is it too lateare my fortunes beyond the seers? Do I step into the heights to gain hope and grandeur? Do I veer back into the night to a silent allure?
My pen is my voice It is used to express what my voice cannot say. My pen is my mind What it writes is what I think, What I know, What I wish for, What I dream of. My pen is my happiness,
Thoughts without a purpose Floating in my head Get jumbled, Crushed, Confused, and Rushed With no way to slow them down    Poetry is abstract, yet concrete Organized, but unplanned
A rose that fell off from the heavens above, It came towards me like a dove, Waiting to seek the truth behind those eyes,
Many start out ordinary like another walk around the house, that familiar air all around you, protecting you, misleading you, paving a path into deeper regions and then dissolving, suddenly and surely, as your imagination takes hold and fuels a wh
I write for just a few things,Only a few know. Of what could it even be. Is it of love? Is it of anger? Or could it even be loss? Well...I'm here to say. 
It rises like a pillar from the ground Its skin rough and grey The branches bristle with thousands of leaves Quivering in the brisk wind They are bright gold and ochre
Words are keys Tiny and powerful They unlock doors The doors of oppression and hate Words free us   Slaves to injustice Words release us They break down walls Unlock doors
This is why i write, to figure things out, to question myslef, society and the world around me and ask, what drives us to madness? What is the seed planted, from which the flower blooms?
A smiley face at the end of every text, I'm wondering what you'll say next. Do you like me? Do you realize that I like you?
i been here far to long...in dis pit n dis is it..my heart is torn im all alone...and my mind is gon i cant carry on...i should be a don...get a job nope..got a betta chance sellin dope...wat can i say crime pays..i seen it all jus by watching zim
what happened to our worldwhat happened to ours boys and ours girlswhat made them look down at the people in their phonesinstead of the ones the ones in their homes
Can you blame the Devil for trickery? Then blame God for falling to his whims?   Can you blame the Deceitful for lying? Or the Poet for turning the lie into a beautiful masterpiece?  
  The summer morning waking up the sun through the blinds so bright it could blind it was all calm till the Call.   You hear her yell and then the door shut 
On a quest to find the extraordinary Alice. He roams through the dark forest with evil intent. His very existense is fed by grim malice.To stop at nothing to find her is his black heart's true content. In his hand lies a small box.
You say I’m beautiful, You kiss my hand. You make me hopeful, So take a stand. You say forever, You say to try, Yes you’re clever, You made me cry. You tell my you’re sorry,
Black amythest in the cloack of the night . I wondered in silence, in the abyss of my mind.  Problem solving- Where did i go wrong? How did I waste so much time?  But then there you were dancing in the moonlight.
baby take off your cool lay it across the bed fold it tightly and tuck it neatly away because there is no room for egos here no space for boastin' and braggin' no air
Lesser than a book. More than a word, Able to create life. Through poetry I create myself, Through poetry I create my world, Through poetry I speak to you,  
Never what I am, always looking for Me, life follows no plan, we're tossed in a stormy sea. We walk on trial, walk down death row, while accusations pile,
Giving a scholarship to a young man or girl it may not be a large sum, but it could change their world All you have to do is make a poem..for others to read It would be smart for all to apply,Yes Indeed. 
There it is: nowhere, the idea has left Like a lightning bolt striking the air, and as deft As a mouse escaping beneath the stair- Where it has gone to I never shall know Nor am I intent on finding out anymore- 
  From the internal core of my earth I release a world of bright hope From my hands, flowing streams of smooth syllables nourish the barren lands of men's souls   This is why I speak... I write... I live  
If i could cry the ocean drywould the color of my eyes wash out?And would my mouth be permanently downcastIf i stopped smiling for years to come?Would i forget how?If smiling takes less muscles than to frown
Have you ever had to deal with the pain, deal with the tears?Deal with the weight of the sadness that comes with a broken heart? Maybe you have, but have you had to deal with these all by yourself, 
He was just a punk just a boy who was never satisfied with who i was or wanted to be he just wanted pain he wanted that pride   That road of memories sending pain through my soul
This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.
Wow...i try keeping this four letter word from erupting from my soul. The word i promised myself i wouldnt use so much, the one that i told myself that if i did use it...
Many years have passed with you aroundYou were the only friend that could be foundLittle did i know you would grow up so fastI should have known it wouldnt lastThe fighting and aruging where there used to be
I forgot how much i miss seeing your face,and how you could never make me mad.I forgot how much i miss that voice,that brings laughter and keeps me from being sad.I forgot how much i miss that smile, 
I forgot how much i miss seeing your face,and how you could never make me mad.I forgot how much i miss that voice,that brings laughter and keeps me from being sad.I forgot how much i miss that smile, 
His star,my sunshine, his smile, my laughter, his wink, my blush, his hand, my heart, his voice, my eyes, his look, my face, his touchMy heartbeat, 
I know i am not the perfect girlMessy hair and no make-up onIn my simple clothes i twirlGoing, nope! my mind is gone :)Hair ties, sneakers, jeans, a t-shirtThings that i put on every day
Without you baby i think i might drownDrown in the love i have for only youPlease, baby smile i hate it when you frownIts the very LAST thing i want you to doAnd, to me, you are the world, the sky
You can lookOr you can seeYou can standOr you can fleeYou can hideOr you can protectYou can thinkOr you can reflectYou can buildOr you can teachYou can sigh*Or you can reach
It takes me back to the carriage Where mama would craddle me at night They way I would loudly sob when i needed her  The anticipation I would get while waiting for her to rescue me
Poetry Not just words on a line, Random stanzas composed of poetic language, It is a way of expression It constitutes the unspoken word with eloquence and emotion Touching ever corner, every inch of the heart
Love is like a stray bullet Anonymous on both ends Connected only by cause and effect Never meant to happen But at the same time presdestined As if the bullet was being aimed or directed
Long ago there was A little girl, So Scared And Defiant And Young So small the wind Could blow her over And she never smiled And she never laughed
My report card came home today.When my dad saw it, he began to shout,"Two C's, Three B's, and only one A?!"There was nothing I could do but pout.
feelings go unrequited because you have high standards, havent found anyone quite like it. now your fate decided, you're striving to find someone thats trying, to understand you like they're psychic. they come around, but you never buy it.
I sigh to thee I cast to thee The truth of fools gold None more blind than an open heart None dare compare To one of unrooted trust For longing is  What longing was 
Do you mind if I fall in love with you? Because We can make something so special. Hope I'm not fooling myself. Beautiful thing so sweet, hope you're good for my health. Soon as I kiss you, I know you'll be right for me.
I believed my heart was scattered, thrown away like it didn't matter, I assumed that love wasn't real, and that time never heals. Exiled to travel a lonely wasteland, that's where I saw you, maybe an illusion, maybe I'm confused.
Step right up, step right up! To the most scariest, craziest, dangerous Rollercoaster you've ever experienced: LIFE! What makes it so scary? NO SAFETY BELTS! But wait, there's more!
An outlet For uncontrollable emotions When upset I simply write poems   To express what I feel I play with these words It helps me heal To write what occured  
Is it wrong to feel unwantedIn a world so bigIs it bad to feel haunted By something you never did Is it scary to question Why we're all even here?Or is it human nature...To fear?
I remember how I used to want to be like Left Eye, Queen Latifah, or MC Lyte Record labels are hard to get so, I thought it was worth a fight However Nipsey Hussle was my biggest inspiration
l am a captive. l am held by chains of money, and whipped by bills. bills, bills, bills. I have worked for something that is not mine, because I suffer from being a captive.
My lover's voice is like a dog that never could bark Looking into his eyes is not half as interesting as staring into total darkness If style consisted of wearing the ragiest rags,he'd win full prize
She wanted to win,she sumply had to Giving up was never her Fighting for what she believed in Always was her favorite route But when she fought,she realized thats where she stood untrue
I never truly belonged;  lived in a house that was not my home Day in and day out people did me wrong And my only solace was found in writing songs.  
I Want to Be, I Have to Be The girl everyone can look up to.. The one who will hold all things together… The woman with a voice that will never fade.. The precious one nobody would ever have the decency to hurt..
  I remember elementary school When they told me the rules "A poem has to rhyme And it's all about the syllables."   I remember in seventh grade When my thoughts would fade.
I remember the laughing times I remember the heroic things I know the love you use to gave And I know the love you received
She is strong and fearless harboring a secret.  She has shut them out.  She is lost; lost as quickly as lives disappeared.  Her existence is what left her with nothing.  A shadow of her former self.  Seeking the night he finds her once again with
I write because I read I read because words move me  Words have this way of finding their way into the deepest part of my heart I write because I read I read because words inspire me 
I could be a Star...for You But you didn't want just one.  You wanted a Sky Full.  Now I have nothing left  to shine about,  be bright for.   Star light,  
As i stand, confident as a lion, feeling like im on top of the world, people come in to terrioze,  thinking they are winning, but there not, I may have my days, but in the end....
  What is a train if not constant and steady Unlike my mind. One would assume a train of thought to pursue a constant and logical track Not fall back On itself Like an adolescent dog chasing its tail
Writing is like love with words. It is how an orchestra speaks. Writing can pierce the heart like swords. Or it can pierce the ears like infants shrieks. Writing is many things all in one. You can give someone joy or make them cry.
Our life is like a river, Bending and Twisting, but always flowing Forward From the spring from whence we are born, we flow.   As we flow, we learn As we flow, the run-off from our environment is added to us
  Pandora figured it out first, at that great genesis,  when she unlocked her tabernacle of sins and predestined us all to a life of illusions and rediscovering Columbus’ initial thrill,
The caregiver sighs Although burdened with the stress She holds her head high
I see the world through black and white, Like newspapers that now seem to age. Technology slowly dims the average book light, And most forget the first stage, from where it all came.
Bewitchingly beautiful With luscious red lips, A waterfall of gold curls, and eyes the color of a chameleon
Silence. My heart beats Slowly rocking me back and forth. A whisper pierces the air Can you hear it? Of course not, I am alone.   How I wish for one, Just one to break the stillness.
I left them... Last night I had a dream the world was ending, I was reduced to ant size and lived with a snake,  she was friendly but scary,  green and alive, I am awake now, paying my credit card
Most of us say we need it, but do we truly believe it? We are in constant competition to win the prize: job positions, checks written; Don't look surprised.
Why does the sun rise in the early morning while on the other side sets at the end of the day? Why does one man chose to take a road while the other goes the other way?
Gazing into her eyes I wonder about the journeys she has embarked upon throughout the past 87 years of her life. Quiet, yet outspoken in the way she carries herself, she has proven to be a committed wife.
There was a time when innocence was my first name. I was worry free and had so much to look forward to. Little did I know that when I met you, my whole world was about to change. You taught me so much,
People ask me what I believe all the time.I believe that beliefs have reason and rhyme.The reasons for mine are the signs of the times;the negativity and number of people that are blind.
Sun kissed toes in the sugar soft sand Washed by the ocean on a tropical land. She closes her eyes and dreams of a place, Away from the world, where she sees his face. She finds herself away from real life
I know that sometimes when you fall down you have to stay down for a bit Because that fall knocked out Every breath of hope you carried And you don’t want this world to see you cry
thoughts of my consciousness dare me to be different while my actions are persistent thoughts of my consciousness dare me to say no while my body says i'll control
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