LIFE IS DIFFERENT (Spoken Word Piece)


Leaving this place

Still not knowing the value of X

An unspoken race

Formed by society

No piety



In search of one answer

All treated the same

Part of the game

Same rules for each individual

Though. Each. Single. Person.

Is different.

Same levels

Same scoring

For the boring

Place... in which we live

We all want to give

Our own ideas

But can’t

For we are shaped


Into these robots

Not able to express our personality

Distinguishing us from reality

Not able to think outside the box

Unlock these locks

But finals don’t lead to survival

Your whole life determined

By a measly letter

A number

Being a student

Is greatly imprudent


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

great poem-your reflection on what you believe is valid

your choice of words was great in expressing yourself


***Snaps*** Love it! So real..


awesome poem.. check out my poems??


Definitely relatable. I loved it!


this poem is really giving me an image of today's society.. you did a great job my friend


This is so applicable to so many teenagers lives.  Great Work!

Brea Turner

I love this so much.


Wow!!! That is so true. Like this poem. Hope others get to read it too. God bless you and keep writing on my friend :)

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