The cants and wonts,

wont stop me, 

I bring overdue glee,

to my forefathers on the fruit fields,

when I ace a test or get called the best,

their sweat never in vain,

they journeyed so I never feel the inhumane pain,

hostile border crossings, long shifts, and adversity, 

for them I will make sure the world has heard of me,

they left me a legacy,

this I will continue,

for this I battle through,

words and negativity

will never hurt he

who works with motivation,

I work,

with their tears fueling my fire,

I never tire,

Their shovels, my pens,

Their fields, my classroom,

Their sweat, my sweat,

On my shoulders an entire generation,

hope for the best, no, I work towards it,

their legacy my headstart,

my legacy their destination,

our worlds synchronize,

the future in our eyes,

they put down their pens, 

I pick up my shovel.


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