I'm in Love with a Man


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And how can I not love him when he makes it oh so easy

The things he does, the words he says, everything about him seems to complete me

When I awake early in the morning the first thing that comes to mind is you

Before I slumber in my bed at night your greatness comes to my mind too

He is everything I desire, long for, need and want

And when I contemplate doing sinful things he's not afraid to tell me "don't"

Hmm maybe that's another reason why I love him so

Because he's not afraid to take control and tell me "no"

He even has a book that gives me advice when I'm going through

It's full of wisdom and knowledge......a book that I could loan to you

He even makes me promises including an incredible future

He assures me that I can be greater than a doctor, lawyer, nurse or teacher

You can call me naive but yes I believe everything that he says

Cause he has never stirred me wrong; none of my days

And I'm not an emotional person that tends to cry a lot

But sometimes I just sit and think about him and then begin to rock

As I rock back and forth the tears begin to swell up in my eyes

I can't help but wonder what I have done for someone so amazing to enter into my life

And in moments like those I do begin to cry

Just as if someone has hit me or someone close to my heart has died

I cry as if I have lost my best friend

When in actuality those are tears of joy that I feel will never end

My love for this man is stronger than anything I have ever known

So hard to grasp, I guess you can say it has my mind blown

But the reason I feel this way you see

Is because this man, this man first loved me



- Brittany Calvin

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