Lemme Teach You Something


You call this a classroom.

I call it a jail cell with cheesy posters.

You call it a grade.

I call it the key to my future sucess.

You call it a lesson.

I call it BULLSHIT.

When will i need to use logorithims?

Or need to know what the fuck a lattice crystal is?

How the hell do you call yourself a teacher?

What exactly are you teaching me?

How about you give me a lesson worth learning.

Teach me somethin I will remember.

Not some stupid shit I will memorize for a grade.

Quit lecturing me about ancient China.

You think I give a damn?

How about you lecture me on my morals and ethics.

To teach me how to be a better person.

Don't be a teacher I am forced to spend time with.

Be a teacher I wnat to see.

 Be the kind of of teacher I would WANT to be.

Be open with me.

You want me to ask for help...

But sometimes I need help outside of of this bullshit school work.

I need your trust and support.

Is that so much to ask?

I need help growing my potential.

I want to grow so high I am able to touch the clouds.

So I can look back one day and be proud to have called you my teacher.

Maybe even a friend who knows my story and the places I have been.

Then you'll be able to see how far I have come.

So you don't catagorize me as a class clown, a brainiac, shy, or dumb.

You'll know me as a person.

Not just a name or student.

Now you call teaching a job.

I call it a MILLION possibilities.

Your job isn't tp teach us pre-instructed lessons.

Your job is to open up our minds and rewire our thoughts.

Just so we're able to see a much bigger perspective so we can reinvent ourselves.

You're not just supposed to teach us.

You're supposed to mentor us to be the amazing human beings we are meant to be.

I hope I taught you something.

Because you sure as hell haven't taught me.



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