Mahwah New Jersey
United States


It crashes upon the shores of noise with the sound of television static.

Then it stops.

There is nothing but darkness in my ears and stars exploding in my brain.

For while noise is appealing, silence is eluding.

This world is much too big, much too bright, much too occupied for silence to find employment when it is needed.

Talkers do not understand.

They are the noise-the ones who refuse to reach their hand in their mouth and lock away their words.

But then there are the thinkers.

The ones who watch the world with old eyes and see the hidden secrets hidden within the folds of the Earth.

 We wait.

We as in thinkers.

We as in the silence.

We wait for the moment where we can merge together into one static wave-

And wash away all the noise.

All the sorrows.

All the tears.

For we are the ones that force the talkers to lock away their words-

And look at the world anew.


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