Gazing into her eyes I wonder about the journeys she has embarked upon throughout the past 87 years of her life.
Quiet, yet outspoken in the way she carries herself, she has proven to be a committed wife.
With her husband dying of melanoma, she stood by his side to meet every demand.
Widowed since 1968 with 4 daughters, she could not muster the ability to love another man.
She was strong and courageous while raising her children to the best of her ability.
She had always been an amazing cook and brewed the best sweet tea.
When she became a grandmother, her love for her family never subsided
When asked to take care of her grandchildren, she was absolutely delighted.
She raised her family on the gospel of Jesus and the Bible.
When asked for her advice on anything in life, her words are reliable.
As I sit in this waiting room, I think of this woman with such strength and poise.
Her words giving encouragement, drowning out the noise.
While I sit here in silence adoring this woman with such dignity, I would like to say
My ultimate goal in life is to be half the woman my grandmother is today.


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