The Path


With this paper and pen

I turn my pain into an artistic expressive manifestation

Thoughts strewn across the membrane of each cell

That identify as my being


The feeling of dripping matter, fragments of my memories

Puzzled and pieced together, reflect what words couldn’t explain

Actions are the key, to open that door where behind it, are hidden things

Objects the heart and mind abandoned, couldn’t bring the mouth to voice

All swirled down into the toilet, flushing away what I feel about You

That cold splash of reality,

As reminiscing brings a river of vodka to my eyes

The poison that spreads to my lungs


Each sentence, word, and letter, formed to create what I once called Affection

Remaining emotions left for no one but only to be painted upon the past alone

In a feeble attempt to communicate, I receive that sweet static silence of the radio

The effortless kill I experience from friends, family and exes mingle together and are spilled into two entities

I can’t articulate well enough what music embodies


I desire to break these chains melding me back into the earth and rise up from this emptiness and guiding me to the endless bounds of my heart, my home, my spirit

The core of compassion and love melt my heart with pleasantness like a burning candle dripping wax

The fire that lovingly heals me


As the pieces of paper pile up

The basket of my experience is woven

Containing unreciprocated inquiries, dealing with these afflictions and life learned lessons

When beats and tones envelop this tale, the lyrical composition travels in a curvilinear fashion representing

What I have lived, Will live, and How I want to live


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