Pain & Tears


Have you ever had to deal with the pain, deal with the tears?
Deal with the weight of the sadness that comes with a broken heart? 
Maybe you have, but have you had to deal with these all by yourself, 
with it buried deep inside where you've kept it 
for for as short as days to as long as years. 
The secrets, the pain, the heartbreak, the words unspoken,
the words that just might have changed everything? 
No, I really don't believe that is so, so don't try telling me you understand. 
Even if you have been through this, 
everyone's situation is as different as the person that goes through it. 
Why is it the moments that i need my friends the most, 
I am alone and have no way to get to them. 
Will it always be this way? 
You may think im always the happy one, 
but that's only because your not there when I am alone and crying.
This pain and sorrow only weighs me down 
[like water weighing down the dirt in the deepest ocean]
when i am alone and have no one to take my mind off it.


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