"My Para- Normal Life"

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 14:24 -- ElizaC

My family isn’t much, nor is my surroundings.

It’s only Mom, Dad, and Sarah.

Dad is always working, Mom is always cleaning, and Sarah always complains.

There is only one thing that I cannot explain.

If I told anyone, they’d think I’m insane!

In addition to the family, we have ghosts that roam around.

There’s Weiner, Spooky, Casper, Blob, and Fred.

Weiner loses his tail daily

Spooky spooks too much.

Casper is really shy and Blob eats his feelings.

Fred is old, believes he’s still human and watches Wheel of Fortune every day.

Every screams and everyone runs

But I don’t know what from.

It’s just my family… it’s nothing much.


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