Do You Mind?


Do you mind if I fall in love with you? Because We can make something so special. Hope I'm not fooling myself. Beautiful thing so sweet, hope you're good for my health. Soon as I kiss you, I know you'll be right for me. If you looking for love, now you have the right to be. Asked for something amazing, you looking right to me. Give me the opportunity, ill be your motive and your means. I'm your charming prince and You're a darling. Since we feel some type of way, let's act on it. Let's take action. Lets hit the lights and start relaxing. Let's get your camera and start snapping. You won't need a filter. You just need a King. Your smile makes everyday of mine worth it, your eyes give me purpose. You got it all. You got your own but You deserve the world. That's why I'm working. The world for your love? It's a fair bargain. So do you mind if I fall in love with you? Bear with me. Have no fear. Solace is in my arms right here. Let me dig inside your conscience. I might find gold. Let me inside your heart. I might find home. Let me inside your treasure. Sorry, that's too grown. Let me look in your eyes. I might get lost. A neverending daydream. Brown and beautiful. Plenty fit the description. Yet only you catch my attention. We're just doing what normal people do. Kings Need Queens, so I Couldn't be with anyone but you. For better or worse. Through thick and thicker. You're perfection's picture. To be cherished and adored. To be respected and not mistreated. Well I'm here, so mission impossible completed. I'll Bring the stars to you, let you name a planet. Take me there angel. I'm ready anytime, anyplace like Janet. Sit with me on the throne if you can't stand it. I can't make the sun rise, but hell we can make a son rise. Could you imagine our son's cries? Got a little ahead of myself, but we can reach for the sun together. Make the sun set on your complexion. You'll look just like honey. Silky smooth, all the better. I'll make this last through all the trials of time. All together. If you just give me some time, all we'll have is forever. Time is money, so let's grow old and splurge. I promise I'm more than just a bird. Would you mind if I fall in love with you? I know you're a little skeptical, but Let's conquer the impossible. Put our minds together and follow our hearts. Let them all watch, you're such a work of art. The path not taken will only lead to regret. Even if we take the wrong road, this feels right. Those sidelines can get left. So let's traverse. Let's fly. Wouldn't that be nice? What's your favorite color? Let me know. I'll paint the sky. Looking down on the world, too high to say Hi. Don't be afraid of heights. I'm right here. Just close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Hold my hand. I'll be your guide. I'll be your everything. With you by my side, we can do anything. This is what legends are made of. I see a beauty in your make up. And you don't even need make up. When I dream of you, I want you there when I wake up. Sorry, that's a necessity. Who would I wake up to for eternity? Nobody but you. Maybe this is absurd, maybe I'm being too forward, but Effort is what makes these things work. You deserve that much. I vowed my next one would be the best one .. Are you down? As long as you're here, I'm trying to stick around. And if your wings expand, I hope I'm flying. I've been waiting for someone to invest my time in. Someone I can walk out the front door with. All signs point to you. Everything you are and everything that you can be. I'll follow the roadsigns. I'll go through the obstacles because no one is perfect. I'm selfish, no one can have what's mine. But you fit me perfectly. Baby can you make me a perfect me? I looked and I've searched. And there's nobody but you. Just you. Do you mind if I fall in love with you? The World Is Mine. That's what you are.


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