I Remember You



With your hair,
so wild and free flowing like the wind,
running my fingers through them easily comparable to the crisp breeze of autumn.
So dark and so black,
like the eclipse of the sun or a fresh cup of coffee.
simply added more beauty to the person whom it belonged.

Enamored I was by the eyes that helped to shape your face,
So brown, yet always changing, it amazed me.
Expressive, though you tried not to show it, 
I saw who you were without the mutual exchange of words.
I saw right through your soul set aflame, 
So determined that you did anything you set your mind to with ease.
It was these very same eyes that showed the change from one person to another, you would never be the same.

Your nose like a button,
Your lips so full and pink.
It all fit you so perfectly,
but nothing compared to the way you kissed me.
With the passion you had for life wrapping it’s arms around me, I was instantly set aflame.
I easily felt complete.
I, too, would never be the same.

Your arms that carried many a burden, 
I sought to help you and make it easier…
But you insisted that I stay away and let you face it.
I could not let you do it all on your own….
Maybe that’s part of why things happened this way,
I should have listened.

Your arms that were so warm, so comforting like home.
I would have done anything to remain there, 
but of course I was not meant to stay there with you.
I suppose I was meant elsewhere…

Your heart,
Once so warm and so welcoming,
I easily fell in love with you because we matched so well.
It quickly turned cold and nearly unforgiving,
You soon turned into someone I didn’t remember meeting
Where is the woman I once met,
this woman who held me when I was upset? 
This is someone different and new, 
Why can’t you come back because I miss you….

Your legs, 
Who have travelled to many places around the world,
connected by the feet that have walked a fine path and have seen many a land…
Only added to the beauty like seashells in the sand.

You are this intricately woven puzzle, 
Finely detailed like a quilt.
You have my heart but you see, 
with enough mistreatment, even the most beautiful flowers wilt.

Oh, how I’d love for another chance with the person I once knew.
To be reunited with the person I fell in love with, 
the one I thought was you. 
But that cannot ever be, 
You no longer feel that way for me.

So now I must try to move on
and even though it is so hard
the most difficult experience I’ve had to face thus far.
I hope to find the place where I finally belong.


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