Twitter or Myspace? || Scholarship Slam


what happened to our world
what happened to ours boys and ours girls
what made them look down at the people in their phones
instead of the ones the ones in their homes

a world without tags and labels
where your world didn't revolve around your laptop cabel
a world where if you had a problem
you said it to someones face
and not on twitter or myspace

it's sad to think
our generation relies more on a website link
than dedication
and organization
so lets sit down and maybe come to a realization

our phones and computers
have become intruders
they're no longer convenient
they lead to maltreatment
of our loved ones who crave our moments that are the sweetest

with our family and friends, we're infrequent
with strangers online, we're indecent
and sometimes we can also be the meanest

its easier to hide in the web
a tangled weave of profiles, photo filters, and video chats
but too easily we strayed from the things that truly last

friendship, family, love
they tell us it's okay to struggle
that they're here for us
forever and always
face to face
and not on twitter or myspace


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