Hands Hands


Hands are beautiful...

They touch and caress.

They love and hold.

They grasp a hand and hold it firmly to ensure.

They touch a face sweetly and move the cascading hair gently from a face and ensure something.

Hand have the ability to create things out of nothing and contruct something meaningfull.

They entangle to from a gesture of prayer.

They interlock with another and send a message of love.

Hands are one of lifes greates creation. As we move they gesture and guide us through life.

We experiance many things and besides our heart the hands  are the most to show the harships one has gone through.

With every scar ingraved in our flesh and every wrinkel or vein that errupts, you can tell what a person has been through.

Hands are beautiful in the eyes of many and tell a strory with their marks.


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