Black Summer Day



The summer morning waking up

the sun through the blinds so bright it could blind

it was all calm till the Call.


You hear her yell and then the door shut 

the heavy breathing could be heard, the doors creaking to see

they all walk out with confusion 


No One heard from her, form anyone.


As the sun began to go down

you hear the car come in slowly

she was back, after so many hours of not knowing what was going on

until you saw...




The look in her face would never be forgotten

The words she said made you want to go Deaf 

My Mind went blank for what felt like hours 

Only it was not.


the day changed, the day changed the family 

The Tears, The Screaming, The Dull Black Color.

Until everyone and everything was numb


It was overwhelming when I thought of You 

I didn't know how to control this emotion

but now I do.


The tears are still here though

when I think of Your death, how soon you were gone 

Leaving us with only memories.

Memories that will never be forgotten. 


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