Into the Night Sky


I could be a Star...for You

But you didn't want just one. 

You wanted a Sky Full. 

Now I have nothing left 

to shine about, 

be bright for.


Star light,


There is nothing that lights me up

The way you did.

Never again,

Will I go 

Shooting across the Darkness to meet you. 

No more twinkling Brilliance.


Star bright,


I was supposed to be


And Radiant. 


We were a Supernova,

You've turned me

Into a black hole.


I wish I may,


It was only a wish upon a Star,

Only a wish for a Star.

I whisper to nothingness

As I burn out.


I wish I might.


How can you

You Gaze up

Into the Night Sky.

And never see me



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