From Wanting A Hit to just Wanting to be Heard

I remember how I used to want to be like Left Eye, Queen Latifah, or MC Lyte

Record labels are hard to get so, I thought it was worth a fight

However Nipsey Hussle was my biggest inspiration

He related to my struggle, overcame my situations

As I got older, my wanna be female rapper dream/singer stopped

My hits could've popped, but stress from school almost me a student that dropped

When I looked back, I just wanted to clear my head

Drama from home, that being said


My last 2 years of high school made my poetry purpose transition

Discrimination is a killer, so stopping it is my ambition

My spoken word for Black History Month was to expose Colorism

Light skinned vs Dark skinned and excluding brown skin is self-racism

The funny thing was I auditoned to sing for the show, but it was destiny for me to make my creativity grow

Now all of a sudden I'm a tattoo lover

Want to ink my whole body, but Pharasies want to stop me

Designing my own work, but being a scratcher might block me

Want to be professional, so I'mma follow my vision, see


Overall, poetry has helped me mourn, moan, rejoice, and declare

My enemies can't dare to stop me because their unaccomplished goal was to scare







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