Why Is This Still a Problem


How can I succeed 

Or Believe

Or Achieve 

When oppression plagues me ? 

Under wraps is the violence- 

Beneath shadows they hide it :


                     The murderer of dreams and hope. 


Taunts of my skin, my color . . . my race?

Are tinted with the malice of hate. 

Jeers seen as jokes,

Set aside like nothing. . .

What world did we live in

Where education meant something? 

       Should it matter, my eyes?

       Should it matter, my tone?

I know there are others, who feel this alone.

In hallways, I've heard

In hallways, I've seen

So many races and languages, it seems . . .


But blind is the one who disregards 

Those who still struggle.

Behind the facade of integration,

I swear by my eyes I am puzzled. 


                         Equality?  No . . .

                         Blindness persists. 

                         It gorges our eyes to the ideal that we've missed.

                         Blindness, you've cut me short from my dreams.

                         Opportunities vanish                                         


                                        But blindness persists. 



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