I’m tearing my heart out on both sides

Where hurt, depression, and love hides

Making sure it’s null on the insides

And filling the feelings with whispered lies.


I’m squeezing my brain until it bleeds

Where knowledge and wisdom feed

Securing that my indignant, arrogant thoughts can’t proceed

So that it’s turned to something I’ll never need.


I’m pulling my tongue out at the top

Where stupid phrases and harmful words drop

So I utter nothing more intelligent than a pop

Ensuring that silence makes everything stop.


I’m ripping my lungs from under attack

Where breaths of purifying air stack

Hoping my voice and freedom will lack

And maybe then I’ll fall on my back.


I’m plucking my eyes out of my head

To punish them for all the wonderful things they’ve read

And so I can listen to the falsities others have said

There won’t be enough of me and soon I’ll be dead. 



Conformity is the worst plague out there.

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