A Boy and his Faithful Companion

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 12:07 -- Brad


Filled with rapture and glee,

You were chosen among several;

And now this is your departure from me,

You leaving was only inevitable.


The nature of your leave was filled with sadness.

Remember when the first step was so precarious?

A strange, new home must surely be madness.

That very same day you became playfully gregarious.


You were but a puppy, and I was merely a boy.

After sometime, you became light-heartedly content

 I wonder if you could see my joy?

You were officially family; that had always been the intent.


And I now say goodbye, but know that I will always cherish you.

So now, this is where we must part ways; but know when I say I love you, I do.



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