Why I Love Romance, but Love Jesus More


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United States
37° 40' 11.0856" N, 120° 59' 56.7708" W
United States
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Ladies, there’s something that I’m seeing and it grieves me to the core.
That while we sit in pews and claim all I need is Jesus, we yearn for more.
So we turn to novels, love songs, pornography and lust for men.
All the while, wearing our purity rings claiming we’re giving HIM everything.
Look I’m not saying it’s not a fight, I’m just saying it don’t have to be.
See, when Jesus Christ is all you want, all that other junk, you give up freely.
So when lusts and thoughts creep in your mind and try to steal your day,
and bring you back to a former place no longer should you sway.
See, you submit to a HIGHER CALL, to a love so pure and true,
that all those TEMPORARY, WORLDLY pleasures aren’t good enough for you.
And, ladies, let me just say this, let’s make sure we understand,
that a perfect love is found in Christ, not in a “perfect man”.
See, he may be tall, built, beautiful, and even bible-read,
but it’s only in Christ that we can be found, held, and spiritually fed.
Now I’m not saying he ain’t “THE ONE”, but daughter can’t you see?
That no one but God can make you whole (not him, not you, not me).
See I’ve searched and searched my whole life for someone to love me for who I am.
See, but my mistake was thinking that that LOVE could come from another man.
See the word says that no man can love another unless that love first comes from him.
So why are we surprised when our pointless searching only leaves us feeling more hopeless within? But daughters, here’s the good news! See we’re not just anyone!
We’re daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD! We’re married to his son!
See no longer are we the girl-next door, we’re royalty, we’re Esthers!
Which means we don’t have to settle for simply ordinary, we get better!
We get a heavenly king who rules and reigns forever!
What’s more is that we get his unconditional love which doesn’t end. Not ever.
And we can be sure that the ruler of all, the almighty king, wants nothing more than to give us our half of the kingdom, but here’s the thing.
See, Jesus Christ wants nothing more than to give us the desires of our hearts.
But he also wants to be the biggest desire from the start.
And, ladies, is it so wrong when we see it from his side?
Isn’t it natural for a husband to want the whole heart of his bride?
Look, I’m not saying it’s wrong to want companionship from a man.
I’m just saying that we need to trust that God’s got all that in HIS PLAN.
Or maybe he doesn’t. Whatever the case, for me, He IS my one.
And whoever HE puts in my path will be a reflection of His son.
No effort, no searching on my part involved, the Lord will move His hand.
See I believe him when he says in Jeremiah 29:11 that he’s got a PERFECT PLAN.
A plan that lifts and doesn’t hurt me. It gives me hope and a future.
So I won’t settle for the rebel or whatever else might suit ya.
See joy and peace fill my heart, I’m patient in the waiting,
and you could feel the same way too, do you hear what I’m saying?
No fame, fortune, or even romance, will ever make you complete.
See it’s only in Jesus Christ that we find our true identity.
So put down the novels, shut down the ipods, and turn of the romantic comedies.
Cuz it’s only when you look to Jesus Christ, into the most beautiful eyes that you’ll ever see.
That you see YOU. The REAL YOU. The most BEAUTIFUL YOU that could ever be.


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