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An inspiration of words, whispered one last time; for a crowd of mouths to listen. An inspiration of sound, screamed with passed-on passion; for one to know, and many to hear.
It feels like I'm blind and cant see, like I'm stranded in the middle of the sea, like I'm submerged under water and can't breathe, like my sarrows are an obvious fact that no one will believe.
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
When did arts and crafts turn into powerpoints and drafts  
Fly away, fly away my pretty little bird Why won't you fly away? Your wings are torn, batered, and broke, why won't you fly away, way Why wont you fly away?  
I’d change the homophobia, the fear and the hate, The suppression of expression we face each day, The way they look at us as though we’re not quite right,
Feel the vibe flowing through my veins Opening a never-ending wealth of spiritual domain So mentally taxing I can't help but wonder what will remain
Anger is… Danger It’s a cruel thing that hurts Rather than help It causes wars It causes sores It causes people to act out violently When they should be acting passively Curse words, punches,
I am hardwired to feel every emotion so deeply that I have to rip holes in my skin to let them out and I am not human enough to be considered alive on the other side of it all
My words are MY power, MY Strength and wisdom I make these words sing off my lips to utter them to another time in HISTORY From knowing My time in History.
Can I escape? What would I like to write about The profane My love Shall I write about what I'm happy about Or something else How about my machete injury
Up and down and up, up, upRunning around until I'm shut upScreaming and fightingThere is no endUntil I'm shipped awayThat's when the anger blew away 
I want you to be mine
If only I had a boat, so I wouldn't drown in my thoughts, and I could sail away.
Crimson substance fills the cup One is one and never enough With every wound A new opening
I like to think I'm strong I used to be smart  I used to think I had some feelings bottled in this heart. Maybe I used to be good looking once. What the heck are women?
It is wet and rancorous and my new leather shoes would feel the worst of it long before I got to class. I stopped, before exiting, to appreciate the mighty storm – and open my umbrella.  
Yes that is I... a PHENOMENAL WOMAN... why do you ask? I'm border line sensational and my face? No mask MEN flock around me like a bird's nicotine. Not possible you say?
Sometimes I want someone to hold me with no reason to just because you want to love me 
Don't let go of me I'm like a canoe in this raging sea I'm trying to make it in this world But I just keep on getting hurled No one seems to understand They make me feel so bland
How could you say that you love your kids when you treat your 
He knows the importance of vertical strokes. And to plant a garden,
You’re looking out your window tonight So many things running through your mind You feel like you’ve lost who you are You want to find your way back to the start But you can’t, oh no, you can’t  
Am I not good enough for them?Is who I am not who they want me to be?They want me to be this plastic, perfect figure that I don’t seeAnd they need to know, they need to know  
      I’ve seen apart of me I didn’t recognize. Through my eyes I saw how my reactions to your actions, made me low, low point on the scale, I’ve inhale, what you’ve exhaled to me.
sitting in the broken land. surrounded by dead memories of lost friends. family and friends are all dead, the ties to my history have no thread. i lay motionless, cry towards beauty and sonnetts to the grave,
In this torturous classroom I sit in row 5, seat 3 and to my right in row 4, seat 3 sits the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on. Every time we make eye contact I feel a rush of warmth
This body is not an apology This blacked out mirror  This blacked out skin This skin like shadows  This shadow makes noise  This "bitch don't make noise" 
I got a brand ne
Life, too often, is rushed. No time to waste, no time to relax No time to even say good morning " Tick-Tock " says the clock! Everyone's gotta be somewhere Rush, rush, rush Rush to school
The fact that evil is stronger than good is evil itself. Why must good be weaker than evil? Why must death me faster than creating life? Why must bullies be stronger than nerds?
People say you can’t be a lawyer because you’re a woman Says who? The Hobby Lobby Taking away our good medicine for the obstruction of religious freedom And people dying of AIDS, they didn’t know
  In 2023, a ship called Mars One will depart from the surface of the earth and never return.   It will fly forty million miles to a place where human kind has never set its heavy foot.
Temptations, deceit Tricked, trapped, but it looks so good Ways of sin and men
I have always dreamed of being a toy train. Spreading smiles on happy boyish faces But have I ever drawn a smile on a face?
Celestial bodies in fluid space sprinkled stars like sugar crystals in a cup of black tea
Writing is an act of thought, A Muse chased into eloquence, A wild idea, tamed and caught And realized through writer's sense The cause itself, irrelevant, The processes behind it too,
Eight months later and she faces a new life Started out green to this disease that's so mean  Now she's ripe from the changes that strike  Her old life fades away  What used to be normal would be a luxury today 
I see you. The world has chewed the edges of your dreams and pulled punches at your pride. You don’t know how to be anything but angry. Angry they cannot understand your English.
My mind goes crazy at the thought that someone gets to decide what is legal Put ourselves on a high horse, behaving so regal Step back, create morals, decide right and wrong
I hate walking in the hallways Of my high school. For one thing, There are way to many people. They walk with no purpose While mine Is to get to class. Yes, there is 6 minutes
As she sits there crying, She regrets what she's done.  She says over and over to herself, "I am young and I don't mean anything I say."   A woman of loving arms wrap around her body,
    A woman’s voice It is a weapon her tool she was not given this for no reason For years her voice has been smothered silenced
This morning I looked up in the skies Past the prickly trees Their green arms a border for the clouds And blue skies. The world is so big, Sometimes I can scarcely imagine
Thousands of stories fill the pages of the newpaper. Thousands of stories stream through the news. But not one is about the girl with demons in her head The one who was called dozens of names
Where has Annie gone? She's been out way to long "Who died and made her queen?" Said her sister as jealousy flooded her heart   Mama was in the days Daddy never stays
I know Too many people whose no's were ignored Too many kids forced to grow up too fast
we shall overcome
Hours, minutes, seconds of my time.   Tic; Mathmatics
Has it really come to this? Or am I just making a wish? Even if it is a wish,  It's just about time it came true.   I cannot imagine anymore of the past.  Sure I can walk on nails and glass 
i.you were wet cement for three years straight and
 The love they speak of had no exceptions. No repeats, no hesitations. But I can't recall a single day of seeing my parents together. Where is this love they told me, why can't I see it in my parents? Is the love gone...?
Laying here, Laying there, With her, With him, Eyes closed, legs open Mind free Signs so malicious Body so delicious Thoughts from outer space Heart cries out Mind speaks out
Who am I? I see these models and stars and feel so small. People who have what they will always need. Who am I? Compared to the ones in Hollywood I am no one.
You probably get many submittions with pity. From people that aren't even determined. Grades are all she has. But whereas me, I'm determined and my name is Jazz.   GPA isnt the best, but I'm self motivated.
What makes my brain tick? Could it be the pricking thorns that my finger may prick? Does danger bring out my thoughts more Than a loved one stepping out the door?
time on the clock i breathe in *tic toc* and it occurs to me *tic toc* i've been waiting for this moment
sometimes I wonder exactly where I'm going or what I'm doing or even will I be here tomorrow there's no promise and that scares me so bad and that one time I fell in front of all of my friends and they laughed and why am I so stupid they were ter
 The odds of surviving might be rear But when instinct kicks in you would know it is near God in his tending power and care  Would never leave you to snare The clouds might be dark right here
Go To Bed Lights go off Mind turns on Loneliness sets in
  Breasts these two things on my chest that make me targets for jokes and slut shaming
There is nothing wrong with asking a question But before you begin, allow me to answer some of the more common ones My scarf does not show regression And yes, I know I look like a nun I have plenty of hair
We grow up teaching our children, boys will be boys. That it is about being a man, being tough, about being good enough. But what do you do when boys will be boys turns into an excuse?
Don’t ask for Notes Because  your life  Is worth so much  More  than that.   Instead, say to  Yourself ‘If the Sun rises this Morning I will 
The first time I made you my hope, my soul cried, Loved one! And from there, I have not let you go, you're the reason for all my passions. With the love to the desired child, I’ve waited for you so patiently, waiting my whole life.
When I hold it in my hand, I feel much power I feel like I haven't been crying for the past half hour When I lay the cool metal upon my wrist
The haunted statue, Waits, Alone and pondering, Chipped and oxidized to the point, Of unrecognizable. Struggling to stay timeless, Beautiful, Waiting. When will my hero come?
We of all people, the humans of this century who have made many outstanding advances should clearly see this enemy hiding in our men's stances   Somehow we look over it
There it is. Those metallic golden gates glistening in the sun. I have only heard about the place they call heaven, but how do know it's really there? Have you ever seen a beautiful bright red cardinal singing in the trees when all hope is lost?
Ticking ticking ticking ticking in my head. No escape. My mind races faster faster faster faster trying to evade the Hate that's built up inside of me. Running running running running
My Body is an ocean It is graceful and it is powerfulIt is strong
White walls. While I sit on my bed and look around the room, Wishing I could clean up all my mistakes with a broom, Wiping my tears knowing I’m going behind bars, What was my reason for stealing these cars?
When I looked up at the sky, I saw myself, I saw myself. We the youth are suppose To look for placement Among the stars. Among the sparkle. My tracks always left a sparkle. A blaze.
And I am thinking about how I have to be afraid to be a woman (when I am as powerful as any man).
Silent Speech
On the table lies a letter, it's envelop is weathered, and the address is smeared from the thick black ink I'm no stranger to that scrawl, it's the man who never called, and apparently didn't consider writing me
Dear mom, My bestfriend My shoulder to cry on My body guard My dance buddy My nurse My hairdresser many say it takes a village to raise a child even though that maybe true
It was dark and crowded. It smelled like cigarrettes and desperation. If one more man looks at me like I am an entree, I think i will explode. I tell them I have a boyfriend.  I tell them I am a lesbian.
They say all addiction is the same
It makes my mind go tick tick tick thinking of the things that will make it swift the only thing to get me out my futures what its all about
That voice
I ain't doin this to gain fame. Malc got me thinking about changing  my last name. This shit to the man must be a game. Can't even say white man now cause the presidents gotta black face.
I'm not Harvard materialI'm not a straight A studentI'm not a person with a name up on a wallI'm just a kid who has been trying to figure out what it all meant
  For nineteen years I have endured life on this Earth, Day in and day out I try to find my worth, Now it's time to take some responsibility,
Can you trust me?
They tell me to be different To stand up for what’s right But they never deem to visit While I cry through the night  
I am 16 years old I contradict an adult
I wake up to demons heaving over me. They're everywhere I go, they're everyone that I see. I can't help but close my eyes, because of these monsters I recognize. I jump and thrash and try to get away,
From the genesis of time, Man was created from the very bowels of the earth Flesh and bone
If you had a word to describe me
The words stung
t is in the process of
When you find that your at the end of your life What legacy will you have left behind,  Would you have left behind lives filled with joy or hearts weighed down with strife. What will it be worth,
Stop struggling child, you are almost there,
Education is the topic of my conversation Obtaining it and using it are my motivation
It’s quite ignorant of you to think we’re all ignorant on purpose. Yes, we do know there are many different variations of things in the world,
A room teeming with ideas, Where objects litter the floor, Along my miraculous haven. Where find is to lose, And lose is to find, That is the way of the things in My Room.
The world lays around me begging for touch
  Standing on our two feet Living without regret or defeat. We are what Rory the roman  will wait a thousand years for a woman.  We are those who will rise to greatness,
Am I alive? I seem to be but is this really me? Am I real? The others see me, but i may just be a reflection, an illusion, of what might really be. Maybe this is a dream
There is something about you that keeps me going,
Normal It was being nice and standardizing yourself to fit in But there she sat in her worn out old navy boot legged jeans With her eyes on the board and some ink machine in her hand
It’s fine. It’s okay. I’ll forgive from now until forever, Until I waste away. I have no problem with you, Or whatever it is you feel at this time... ... Even if it is pure hate,
I wrote a list of all my dreams
Poems are useless for those who aren’t writers
The Other Me   Happiness (adjective) Feeling pleasure or joy It’s the perky energetic kid that has
The mind is a breeding ground for romance. Surveying the room you gently use your eyes to see. The image defined clearly within the unending path of neurons. Sometimes you begin to modify the image
we value the public school syste
darkness covers everything i am aone yelling screamin crying all around me but stil i am alone more pople come in 15 20 30 the capacity builds up i am alone so many people around me
I’m, okay, I’m okay, I’m okay. Say it enough times and you might start to believe it. You don’t understand, you don’t understand, you don’t understand. Say it too many times
Hey, sup? Shadowed by a name, while trotting on by, in a courtyard, down a hallway; passing by someone. It’s a saluting  sailor or the tipping of a beret.  It’s over in a heartbeat, but what if
Would it be beautiful, the vibrations on my skin? Without my face, my lips, my colored eyes, or soft-hearted vulnerability? I've crossed you off my list, and I've sang your face away,
Speak out what's on your mind Tell the world just how you feel Don't hold it in ... let it out Let it go ... it's not big deal.   How you feel is part of you Don't just hold your feelings in
Clipping coupons for a retail dream,
What happened to being young, wild, and free? Whoever said growing up was easy. What happend to the life without worries and responsibilities? Oh, to go back to those endless days of youth. 
Hugs are weird Hugs are strange I do not want a hug No, no not now or later. The thought of someone engulfing part of their body around mines just creeps me out.
A drop in the ocean A stitch in a quilt A sprout in a field   We are small We are simple We are important   We make up a mass Size is insignificant   
For four years you have lied to me and told me I was important you had me thinking i was your main priority instead, i wasn't even number three baseball came first, as always and then it was your video games
The monster inside me is winning. I tried to hold it off for so long. My strength is winding down. This battle is won. I am messing with love. You love her, and I cannot control that.
So often that time is hard, And leaves no place to stay What rest does it give For those whose lives take crooked roads?  What respites does it give To those whose hearts it has broken?
I'm beautiful because I know it. im beautiful because I don't have to flaunt it. I'm beautiful because someone doesn't have to tell me.
My last dream was a dream about you. When I close my eyes all I can see feel and hear is you In this dream noeven the sun pating day could braketelog conversation or bodies share We were two souls embedded into one
Ha, you really want to know what makes a girl like me TICK
You say you love me.
It took me nearly 8 months.
There’s a girl out there. There’s more to this girl then just a pretty face. An image beautiful on the outside, but one that feels worn on the inside from the stares of inquisitive spectators…processed output…fake smiles…
  Dear Friend 
A slave to my own feelings
  Hidden far away  For the eye can't see  Blinded from your sight  She was beautiful  But beautifully broken  So she hid from the world 
The TV   Finally, Homework’s done. Report complete.
There are times like these
This is my American nightma
A race against time The pressure building upon me As I complete the assignment moments before Procastination is my charm Working its magic as the gears turn in my head like a race car's engine
One of the most common human emotions is fear. fear is provoked by spiders heights water. But you can retain yourself from these fears, stay away from spiders don't ride in airplanes
One brown paper bag. It all started with one brown paper bag Against the charcoal of Mother Africa And the sandpaper of Nefertiti, And the rift grew into a canyon. The cocoa-drenched emperors
So I, like so many others, have been asked to spew forth the thoughts and workings of our brains, to pick apart how we tick, how we function, how we create, and explain:
When the sun goes down, and the moon rises high, When the fire flies glow under a deep starry night, Life surges through my soul, Here I am playing another role to keep people from getting hurt,
      The smoke curls in the air. It flows up and up and up. It shakes hands with the stars, and tickles the moon. Up and up and up it goes. It is weightless and is always floating.
A jolt of electricity runs through my body, the feeling of a petite seizure. The thought of doing whatever I please engulfs me,
Aggressive, Unpredictable, Violent... attacking people on the streets, hurting newborns in their sleep, almost as if I'm a creep! I never meant to hurt you, but that's what society expects me to do,
The night creeps on my blackened heart with a viscious roar The violet clouds of confession bringing a familiar piercing pain As the rain begins to fill my soul with sorrow and tears, the flash of hope fades
The storm rages on outside my window, and I can't seem to find the calm.   Can you save me? These walls are not enough. The rain is seeping in, and I'm looking for an end.  
I live in the world of Photoshop, Weightwatchers, and Covergirl. I live in the country of painted faces, trendy clothes, and manicured lawns. I live in the school of shaved legs, dyed hair, and braces.
How many time must one fall 5, 6, maybe 50 times before giving up
I had a man who sang me songs,each strum on his guitar echoedin my mind each night before Islept in coral reefs, how hebelieved my hair was a silvermoon melting within water.
The ocean mirrors midnight sky, barely brushing our toes. I whisper words I want to write beneath your skin, my violent delight.   I lay by you on the moistened sand,
Well I live down on the beach,next to the green Florida Sea.I like to dig my toes in the sand,sipping some sweet ice tea.  My red lips can rock your world,I’ll have you down on your knees.
If i could turn back time
Starssmall punctured holes,silk floating in velvettwinkling.   We humans watch,wonder,and wait in aweas one shoots by – we wish.  
Trapped in
The road before her,It goes left and right,Making bends way too tight.She imagines her hips,Nothing like this road.Those thoughts begin to unload.Again they haunt her,
Stunned but quite Laughing but hurt Because I am tied to humanity and humanity is suffering
One year we were children, With dreams and hope, The next we're adults, Who have sex and smoke.
Watching. Observing.  Searching. My eyes scan the room, Noticing each detail.
Darkness engulfs me as I sit among the silence,The stalwart panging emotion of vagrance.This feeling so strong stinging me like a bee,Desperation seeming to overwhelm me. Anxiety discovers a path to my brain,
A brain washing system In which we are expected to conform Do the same as thy neighbor Follow the rules But if you dare to break these ongoing expectationsYou will be silenced  
It's time to go to another place far away  far away from here 'cuz I'm struggling trying to keep my head straight  but I can't 'cuz you keep stressin' me I'ma go, I'm gonna leave  'cuz this ain't good
I fear to dream like to fear to breathe, Asking to much of the gods above,  Becasue when I dream I reach it, But sadly I can't keep it,  Like rays that shine through a window,
Slaughter Natural birthright Human apathy, indifferent Your dinner: tortured souls Murder
I am women Stronger then a rock But softer then a feather I can withstand anything and everything From slavery to women rights and the typical stereotypes I am women
What are you thinking you silly little girl who are you trying to fool i replied
  That girl sitting two rows in front of you? Yes, the one with the short skirt and the tight shirt.
As several people presented their personal projects At least five people said they were “religious” And this word was used to describe their Christian faith Why not just say “I‘m a Christian” “I’m a believer”
The Kansas sun slowly burns out, melting into the plains like a cigarette butt fades int
Clothe The
Clothe The
You're asking me to write a poem with intentions to get in my head. While most mornings I can barely get myself out of bed. Even though days get tough I give them my all.
All the days you went in sick All the teachers you put up with All the sleep you lost doing homework all night All the tries it took to finally get the answer right  
I am Nothing but a child. I am Unworthy to be heard. The adults, they scream words be Quiet Fix your hair Know the, Time, Place.  
White walls Instead of white sand   Rushing Instead of relaxing   Walking Instead of swimming   School  Instead of the Bahamas
The halls in my head Wind deep. Walls of doors That hide the information I categorize and compartmentalize, In an attempt to establish some illusion Of logic In this thing we call,
I walk on a Sunday afternoon in 2013. I walk to the store candy and a lil bit of ice T. I walk wondering who this man is behind me. I walk till I can't walk no more and I run  I run and I run.
Tired of trying to stand out, Tired of trying to fit in, Tired of thinking of new ideas And tired of trying to win. I'm tired of doing the same old thing, Too tired to try something new,
Stressed out, Can't breath, Barely a thought, I can conceive. If not one thing, It's the other, Life is, beginning  to smother. I might be drowning, I don't know,
To me,
Lady Luck, often spoken of but never heard, often felt but never seen. She drifts among the shadows as the people walk in the light. Placing her hand here and there, changing outcomes everywhere.
My hair is thick,
A few months ago I was engaging in such intellectual activities as perusing cat videos when I discovered a quite vast selection of blog posts written by twenty-somethings that catalogued a trip to El Salvador, or Bangladesh, or Pakistan, or some
Time is my fear I feel like I’ll never get enough of it I fear not knowing and knowing too much My time goes by in a melodious pace, with a whimsical note and a riveting tick, but is that enough?
Living in a single floor home in a place called Chiraq
I've got Iraqi in my eyes Love in my heart Islam in my soul And if I die tonight, that's how I wanna go you see, I'm done with this cruel world And the death tolls
This matter makes me cringe My heart I feel it dies When she believes the magazines page after page of lies   Her body is a metal so precious she beholds worth more than money or compliments
How can things be so difficult one minute, but then dissolve into something so pure? How do people look over the beauty of mistakes and only focus on the bad and evil perspectives?
If my brain were a tongue twisterIt would throw you for a loopYou couldn't navigate it even with a mapPointing to the constellations of nerve synapsesEvery pathway is a fork in the roadThat splits into roots
Kneeling in the pews, I follow suit and pray.As droning envelops 'round me like the sea,
Justice Just ice
I am angry I don't know at what. A pain in my chest and a heat in my head a snap--- just like that and I will scream my fury at you. My mom she says she won't pay for my college
From the heavens to the stars  Forgive us for who we are For we are not as perfect as we may seem  Precious life lost to deferred dreams And we ask ourself is this what God had in store for me?
Mothers not feeding their children , but feeding their habit instead ... Children staying an age forever because life was took to soon ...
From the air we all Draw forth the same breath
I’m a beautiful black girl who’s scared and sad. I feel like an orphan; Where’s my mom and dad? I live with my grandma, grandpa, and aunt.
I’m a beautiful black girl who’s scared and sad. I feel like an orphan; Where’s my mom and dad? I live with my grandma, grandpa, and aunt.
A corrupt government with a ruined economy Supporting citizens who can't support their families, It toys with my mind and gives me headaches And shakes up my brain like violent earthquakes,
Speak my mind, you ask? Be wary. I want to take the road less traveled by. I am absolutely terified that I will follow the same path as everyone else.  I do not want to be a slave to one career
Silence  As I sit and stare Thinking how much more can i bare The words that they say torment me day by day Trying to find light in the dark but the words cut through my heart
Hickory dickory dock It's time to check the clock.  The clock struck one It's time for fun,  Hickory dickory dock.    Hickory dickory dock, I can't stop checking the clock. 
Broken promises kind of man I'll do it when I' ready kind of man Thinks he is all that and then some kind of man I wear the pants around here kind of man I'm not obligated to do anything kind of man
I live in my books, 
I'm stressed out
I'm sorry i'm leaving you. It's not my fault. THEY want us to leave and never come back, i'm sorry i wrote on you and still haven't cleaned you you up.
  I put things off   
You know what's funny? We call ourselves Christians but there is no Christ found in ourselves. Bible,Crazy Love, Radical,The Shack and countless books fill up the shelves 
Oh God, Is this a shout or a prayer? Why can't I be happy now? Why does it always have to be later?
Our hearts speak through our hands. They touch the architecture that builds love.
What's on my mind you ask? Well let's see, Im exhausted Im tired of doing the same day to day, I wanna go out have fun, take a trip Go to the beach, lay in the sand Perhaps a movie or two?
Friends judge, people hate. It attacks on a personal level that others can't get on. 
I stand. I stand and my shoulders are squared. I'm facing what some call the unknow. But I know the truth. My eyes are open To reality.  Because in reality, it's Opportunity.  
why are you selecting poems at random? why should i even try? words scrawled in the 2 minutes just to get money could outsshine the words meant to glow like embers at the death of a flame--
  She’s tired of the miles and miles of paperwork that clutter her office like a library who has lost its way she swims and swims attempting to free from the heavy load
Peering through my own eyes Other than your own In one single way
I am still The music plays My body moves My arms sway Even though my body is in motion My focus is still
Take a look around. People walk around with smiles on their faces and secrets in their heart.   The girl you just passed on the street wears long sleeves to cover the bruises she gets from her father,
From the moment we're born, we’re told of the power of dreams, From Disney movies, to children’s bedtime tales And as we grow, and we change, and we learn,
My personal stage starts when I wake up I make funny faces in the mirror as I get ready for the day I put the TV on mute so I can quote my own dialogue for the people
Bullies,   They push us around, laugh when we're down
Let the fog be whisked away As you step so confidently forth
I am a woman.
Is it okay for my mother to call me names? This pain, I cant take this shit. This shit is really stressing me so I gotta let it out.
Young girl with eyes the color of moss. There are often times she feels lost. "Mommy is sick," They all would say. That was before mommy went away. Did she do something wrong?
I walk outside and watch as the rain attacks my umbrella Full force as if to prove a point. Maybe that point is that Change is the only constant; it could simply tell us that Sometimes it will rain, and as a result,
Carpe diem, Seize the day? What day can a man seize? If the next is guaranteed.  There is no day which you not see My teenage years that have tought me That tomorrow is just as great  As great can be.
They can't take your name They can't take your breath They can't take the beat of your heart
Young girls everywhere listen here. Try staying in school without getting pregnant. Try not changing yourself to fit in with the wrong crowd.
As a teenage high school student, it’s reasonable that one thing always on my mind is school Not only school itself, but the lessons school has given to me
Red, white, blue a child's boo hoo what makes me move? a warm summer breeze the sun, between the trees what makes me breathe? the sand between my toes a sneeze caught in my nose
I need this money, College is too expensive,
When I was little, I wanted to talk, and  then I wished I could see, and then I wished I could run as fast as the other kids in PE. Later on, I wanted to be thinner, taller, stronger. 
Don't tell me to embrace my curves Until you've been 14 years old  getting felt up by guys with beards   And you know what it's like to be used for physical pleasure 
I think I have met you in another life; For the way your smile lights up your eyes Seems all too familiar
RejectionWanting a dreamLonging for what is not easily possessed DeterminationSeeing the imaginable futureA solvency of a teachable past
Am I supposed to believe that you're going to be a lawyer when  you spend more money on shoes than books? And that you're going to be a doctor because you spend a lot of times with girls but can only navigate matters below the waist.
Music is my high, Soda is my drink. Sugar is my ecstasy, Laughter is my drunkenness. Comedy is my anti-drug, Strobe lighting is my LSD. Dreaming is my hallucinogen.  
there is no freedom you can't speak you can't learn you can't dress  you can't live  what you do is not up to you but to them  go to school  get a job  have a family and no in-between 
Wake Up, Work, Repeat. Everyone around us living on a schedule,
1: eat, sleep, poop, repeat. 
The two beings of one's mind. We enter without care. We hope to reach, to find, The one's who share.   We do not stop for the other, We do not listen to the whines.
The two beings of one's mind. We enter without care. We hope to reach, to find, The one's who share.   We do not stop for the other, We do not listen to the whines.
Stupidity is what makes me tick Or maybe it's the way people spit Everyone expects you to be better than the last You want me to get straight A's and be top of my class Now that I think about it that's not it
I hear the pressing and sound, Of the universe milling around. I draw myself further in, To avoid joining them.   To be still. To shrug off the stress. To move at my will
Your body is a temple- And I have burned mine to the ground too many times to count. I have slashed it and scarred it and bruised it and marred it, And tried to break the bones of this battered flesh home.  
Lost in desperation, I am constantly searching for inspiration, Seeking motivation, I need a little persuation to keep me in the mindset I was rasied in. As I look in the mirror I'm staring at the enemy,
Simple, fun, and full of life, playing through even the most tough of times. A child's voice the most lovable sound, lyrics not needed to want to turn it up loud. Close your eyes, sit back, and listen closley,
It's funny how we become wrapped up  In these  Little.
Why is it a bad thing my parents went to school got jobs, worked hard, they didn't fool around and around I go searching high and low for money   Schools don't care you're a number
In a modern tone of day and
She looked at her, And hated what she saw. She looked at her hair And hated the way it wasn't as long as other girls'. She looked at her stomach, And hated the way it wasn't flat like other girls.
Poverty is that thing that really makes me tick,
Creativity on my fingertips
Since I was a little girl my parents told me, "save. Save your pennies, save your nickels, save everything you've made. Put it in your piggy bank or in the savings account.
When I woke up from laying in the fresh cut grass.The fresh mowed lawn.T
Like Napoleon My brain is unstoppable 1v1 me IRL
Mind is jagged reality ragged, cut by my knife; harvest projected ideas collected, intellect my scythe.
If I shut my eyes tight enough will I disappear? Can I seal them shut with all of my tears? Forgiveness not wthin any of your bones. Screaming, thrashing accusing, Condescending tones.  
The late night half lit incandescent bulbs when sleep is synonymous  with the detestable scum scraped off the shoe laying on the floor mate under the bed
  Imagination runs wild, but reason stands still, conserving her energy.
What makes me tick, they all want to know Is it because the world is passing me by to the point I want to go Is it because I'm watching my back in fear of friend and foe
It didn't have to be this way They are always part of the problem I could have avoided another backstep If only it weren't for them I didn't need to have more trouble piled on I should have kept my distance
"What were you wearing?" "What were you drinking" All questions asked to a rape victim. Never, "Are you okay?" "How do you feel?"
Dancing on the ceiling seems a powerful feat To lose and gain control with your feet, with your mind, with you heart All I want to do is start I've been sitting so long and thinking I'm wrong and...  
Kites are in sight in mid summ
You ever think to yourself “I don’t care” 
You know it happens. Something or someone just has to say the wrong thing. It all goes down from there. There is no way back. They just keep talking like they don't notice. They don't care they just hurt me.
We werent created weak with able body and mind.  Blessed with the power to think an obligation to stay alive.  Controll we strive to seek  some find it more than others.  Mankind is an only child 
Emotions that are undefinable, Thoughts that are indescribable. They seem to eat away at my happiness.
The ink in my skin is like blood in my veins.  I want more.  I want to engrave emotions in my flesh. I want my feelings to be permanent, my motivations eternal. 
First off,
I was once this Now  I am another
The Center Piece of any person Is a Calm that fills a certain type of rhythm Steady, Strong I think about this all night long My tick is a tock, my tock a strangled cry
A girl for me will be respectful to every human being she will have a pretty face for me to always see
To much time wasted  looking for the the things in life the things that fill my heart with awe
Why now? When you have gained so many in your love You come home to just swing back Hospitals beds, nurses, shots, more chemo will it ever end? Your body is less than the fortress of a miracle
Running, jogging Trying to win the race Thousands of people moving At a simple steady pace   No one could have guessed Of what was to come It was an annual tradition
I´m the friendless child who never goes out. No one likes her, she may know why
I´m the friendless child who never goes out. No one likes her, she may know why
i am  but still am not- that is the idea that powers  my mind.   i am not the girl with the roughened hands,  scrapes from fish hooks, burnt out voice from too many cigarettes 
I write for my Future, what will I do And who will I meet? Never limiting myself, I write with  uninhibited passion and Thrill. Always willing to dream big, with a Spitfire tongue and aspiring mind,
I am not a metal man I am no metal machine which you can turn off and on, 
I am a whisper   I am the wind, gently blowing on a tall strand of grass   I am the silence in between  words and glances   I am
I wonder what it feels like to be free To have no connection to the world around us A place of fortune where we can just be Be ourselves without adversity Without conflicts or distrust
I have a lot to say But if I speak,  I think I'll go astray.  Like those poor young soldiers  fighting a rich man's war in the Congo bushes.
Rain... Crashing overhead and drowning me... The desire to run burns strong... To get away... To go someplace safe... I would if i had wings.   Quake..
Young Souls, Can't you see the situation that you're in? Or perhaps you enjoy smothering in sin? Star crossed by all the cash flowing in, Perplexed by all these fast women. Mama crying in her bed at night
I have been told Poetry is metaphor, So you should probably use more of them. So instead of stating blatantly what I feel, I should use my knowledge of language to cover up
7 billion people walk this Earth Each with a dozen faces They say "7 billion people, 14 billion faces" But it's more like 21 billion, at least A face for the mama, a face for the friend
You shot me. You put your hand up, brought it up, and let it out. You shot me. You spat and screamed and let it out. Don’t run form what you’ve done. You’ve injured this woman.
What is this world? A place where a test dictates all where if you can read fast you can live at ease and all your schooling is paid in full but am I given that luxury even though
Maybe I'm misunder
Molding me, Shaping me, Making me who I am: A work in progress.
Molding me, Shaping me, Making me who I am: A work in progress.
We live in a world of real niggas and bad bitches Stick to the code of the streets no time for snitches
What is love? Often used to display affection So many doifferent meanings It sometimes is used as protection   Most love and move on And some stick together
Girls are the sa
Heart breaking Shattered life All alone Where is.... No love One lost No faith Broken dreams Why me? Who cares! Dark rooms Locked up Life's ended Even though
When you have one life to liveIt seems pointless to worryPointless to run andAlways be in a hurry. -
Feeling like a loser My neighbor is a boozer Been used alot of times I feel like a user People spittin out my name like they know it Crossing the line to the end then it's over
Someone once told me you have to take care of yourself And, I do, but after I take care of everyone else I'm very appreciative of what I have I'm doing fine without having too many people in my life
As the melodies of my pen against paper skitter through my ears, I can't help but wonder if this is right. What about my dreams? What about the future I had for me? I guess this is what it feels like to be free. 
To My Father To my father who impregnate my mother who never wants to see me, this is for you
Books My escape since I turned twelve years old going into barnes and noble and searching the shelves for lives I could never have became a monthly thing, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on.
Enough. Ive had enough, I've done my time. when is it time for my stars to align? Im tired of being cast aside, of being the bridesmaid and never the bride. I just want someone to say that they need me,
What is it to speak? What is it to live? For me it is my way, The glory of my heart,
From girl to girl you still don't see what you have done and how much yuo have hurt me. No respect. No love. Yet you expect and expect and all I ever want is for you to love me.
  “Speak your mind!” people say, because they think every thought should be shared, or posted, or tweeted. So everyone speaks at once, and the roar is deafening
Break free from your romantic dream It's time to face reality Said to be too young and naive Waiting to be disappointed By false hopes and dreams that will never be   Break free from the shadows
there's a window in my room through it I see my neighbor and he's got an old dog and they read together on the porch and sometimes he cries which is odd, but okay   in the produce department
Have you ever realized that any book you've ever read is only composed of 26 letters? 26 letters that have shown anything from pain and loathing to passion and compulsions.
The rain is pure droplets of pain Of the fallen the weak the lame And those whom have failed. The rain is beads of sweat from those who strive.
Some words: abominable. becoming. abscond.
Fearful of love.
  At times I feel such anger and animosity. I let time pass and it will dissipate into guilt and disappointment.
Because I am bi, I see boys the same way as I see girls.
  It’s been through so much It’s so tough It’s a clam that never cracks It’s happy inside and beautiful within
     I w
We live in a broken world, I’ve heard it over and over before. Traditions are lost, morals corrupt - Only to be torn apart by war.   We build and we build Our cities stand tall overhead
It's hard to forget even harder to forgive. It's hard to forgive someone for hurting you, for inflicting pain on you, for making you shed a tear or two.   It's hard to move on, when you're stuck!
When something doesn't go our way, Most people wouldn't generally think of a solution, Or try to stay calm and assess the situation, But since childhood, We've always responded with some kind of tantrum,
If you really knew me you would know that I look at people the way you read a book. If you really knew me you'd see the way I tense up when
What will I do in the future?How will I do it?What am I doing now?
I can only ask for you to take me as I am, I know I am not perfect. I'm a work of art still being worked on, A complicated puzzle, with a few pieces mising. I am undone, partial, incomplete.
love is real.  how do you feel? I think that we are crazy! Yes, you are amazing. That is a truth! How much truth can prevail? Show me, you beautiful exhibition. Ok! Aren't you lonely?
Back to school again Off to class i must dash I hope I get that scholarship Where else will i get the cash   Classes are much harder I don't know this stuff When is class over
Have you ever felt like an alien A Single cell ameoba in the mist of gigantic waves of   Have you ever felt like Communicating Without looking or seeing
"Your performance was excellent, I just don't think you have the...look we're going for." bellows a director from behind a table casting his eyes down on my scarred legs.  
Arms, body, slide, catch, Push through with strong legs. Repeat the motion, hundreds of times, As you know victory awaits behind.   No way of knowing how far to go,
It’s supposed to be amazing Everyone telling you how proud they are and how much they love you How glad they are that you made it through that hell called high school But all you’re doing is waiting
Time gave me a leash And so I ran
You added the last bone to complete your skeleton of me
cling for dear life so you feel comfortable smile with desire steal with entice snake movement beg for invite  and disease you hide up your sleave with open door policy
What is beauty? Is it long brown straight hair  or big doe eyes? Is there a certain look?
The placid pond inside my soul, (where color drifts and slowly rolls) there is no shift, there is no goal (As past and future take their toll) I kneel and gaze at my reflection ( To reminisce from a choice selection)
My homemade monster sleeps in my room, under my bed and in it and above it
they say that today is history an tomorrow is a mystery but i want you to be my scooby doo to shaggy an find out that mystery an solve it together.
If a sequence of codes and letters represents my intelligence then I am reduced to a copy    A copy of my textbooks Dates and facts spewing from my mouth unable to think   
You lie and cheat and expect what? What I knew as a child was a distortion of reality  But is ignorance bliss? Is it better to know nothing at all? To be a pretty girl with nothing to say?
You lie and cheat and expect what? What I knew as a child was a distortion of reality  But is ignorance bliss? Is it better to know nothing at all? To be a pretty girl with nothing to say?
i walk down the street with my sunglasses on my headphones in thinking about one thing mostly but my head is racing   i hear the beat feel the heat  the wind blow on my feet
i would like to write you a list, going from insides to outsides. i don’t know much about body parts, but:   your pink pancreas does not match the pink on your cheeks, so.
Dancing on glass rivers Leaves your feet torn up, bloody to the point of no recognition And yet you won't stop. You can't stop.   The thrill is intoxicating
The human mind is an endless chasm
Everyone wants to know what goes on inside your head what makes you tick what makes you who you are whether a liar or a goody-two-shoes some are suicidal, depressed and hungry for dying
Tomorrow, lets do it tomorrow. I cant bare another day of listening to those morons babble about things i swear didn't matter.
You hit  like a girl You throw like a girl You punch like a, scream like a, act like a girl.
To find love. To be in love. To find out who you are, in this world... Who has your back? Who are you? Who are they? Alone... Feeling alone. Feeling the need to "go off."
I work hard Everyday. Scrubbing the sticky floors, Taking out the rotten smelling garbage, Wiping off the food crusted onto the dirty dishes.   I want more for myself.
Broccoli Peanut Butter Won't my mother  be quiet Be right back gotta go help her She actually said never mind as i walked over. Typical. Whenever a person gets mad at another
Hello, Dr. King, have you heard the news? Children are being stereotyped because they aren’t as intelligent  as child prodigies at age 3. What can we do to fix this? 
let me tell you our story well, I don’t know your story but I know mine and I want to tell you why I ran away     i know it’s been a year
Do not hurt the Earth By polluting it. You need To start recycling.
What's to be expected of me? To be smart, confident, pretty. But I can't do all of these things. I'm supposed to make it into college, get a job,  and above all: be successful.
Is life a thing in which we are to do? Or instead something which we are to make? Alone are we to try to make things new? To try and walk this world so smooth no quake. Taught in school you will need this and that,
The waves crash upon my feet       Rain pounds in a hypnotic beat             In comes the tide                   As my thoughts move aside   The tide grows stronger       It lures me in
for my love is worth an eternety but the challenge is the hardest to overcome there is nothing that breaks through my barrier except for the magic of song   it lifts me up to walk annother mile
I am from the beach where the breeze relaxes your soul I am from a season of football dominating the television  I am from a house of  two younger sisters talking my ear off about dolls
Kept in confined cages, waiting out their days. A peeled radish in the nude, executed for a posh pelt; purely for the avarice of humans.   A dorsal fin removed to prepare a luxury soup,
It thrilled me
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
I miss you. A lot.   And right now everything inside of me Is much like a night sky in the city: Polluted with bright fixtures And neon lights that drown out
“I’m really sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but no we don’t care about your brain or ideas it’s all just incomprehensible babble going from ear to ear All that matters to us it’s all we dream about
Your eyes so beautiful, Reminding me of a warm mocha coffee on a chilly, cold day, Your smile so radiant, 
The life we're living is so technologically driven Our eyes are glued Our minds subdued From staring at a screen With our heads down.   Our lives are controlled they tell us we need it
Some say memorizing the thoughts in your head Emotion to the pencil, and the tears that you bled to the lead Is easier than just writing a poem Certain situations set our mindsets out of this world
You shake and tremble And try not to cry out in fear As the masses begin to assemble With your fellow warriors near   So your nerves start to wane And a smile breaks across your face
You stare in the mirror. The white glow of the sun, peaks through the windows as if they are a spotlight, trying to spot out your flaws. You lift up your shirt, you see the crescents, hills,
There are millions more like me, Falling down so fast; No one ever wonders, "Who are we?
They do not see what I feel inside But they see the smile that I can not hide Day after day I please their needs  But I am never questioned about what I need What did I do
  I have to admit That sometimes I’m "not all there" I’m a great actor Playing the part And choosing what to share   I wake up and decide what character to present
My mind is no clockwork. It has no mechanistic rules of a clock, has no one destination, or a repetitive circle of lines on the edge of Time. My mind is constrained by the jail of clocks and schedules:
You say I sho
The world I live in is a world different from others, where children are abandoned and left by their mothers A world where respect and pride means more, than a degree you worked just four years for
*/ /*-->*/ Every morning, people stand in front of the mirror. Judging,
There are so many different apples in the apple tree.
Who is it that wipes thy tears from thy face? Tis thee a mortal caring friend Or a piece of tissue torn at the end Hold thy head up child Didest thou not see thy beautiful face
You pretended to be my friend. You victimized and oppressed. Don't you feel something in your heart that will enable you to stop? You may feel like you're on top of the world
A woman who is a teacher at day and a dancer at night.
Speak Your Mind Slam Sterling Klein
I feel so light with a heart full of love you are what I'm always thinking of
  This earth thirsts for something she cannot name And water cannot replace. Duty has dampened my dreams Until they are too heavy to carry And so I leave them in the mud
Sometimes I wonder; Life doesn't make sense. Where am I going? It's all just nonsense.    Today I was looking For something to hold. There was nothing... Until I found something bold.
Like a thief in the nigh
Passing, yet dragging the time wares on my youth,
They say things happen for a reason but I don't believe'em.  Most of the time things just happen to happen,  You look to the future and it becomes your past. 
Am I bothering you? Does the love that I have for my beautiful girlfriend, stiffen your heart? Does it make you shiver that the genuine love between us is very much real?
Antigone, you’d imagine Things Fall Apart. But in that Heart of Darkness, You will find your sea and the light,
Do you want to see into my mind? There is no darkness there As you may think. The world around me dimming Trees shoot up from the ground All around Red, and golden leaves, and green
A pastiche inspired by Sylvia Plath’s Cut
Enter my mind for a moment, And you’ll see that it’s always moving, In constant motion, A juggernaut of thoughts, ideas, and fears forever flowing like a stream. It keeps be awake, It helps me sleep,
You're seven years old and you hear the words. "You punch like a girl." It falls out of Jason's mouth so effortlessly. You cringe, as if that is the worst thing you could have been told.
Religion is more powerful than your government’s atomic bombs.   Mamas and papas drag their kids behind them down the rows of pews worn by years of futile prayers.  
There comes a time in every teen's life when they open their eyes. It seems like through grammar and middle school we've all been walking without sight.
It's a free country, they said. There are free rights, they said. You won't be victimized because of your unchangeable aspects, they said. They said that everyone will be treated equal in the United States of America.
When I awoke, on a cool autumn day, When the sun was bright and her eyes were gray, I saw the end that would soon be bestowed,
You sit and do nothing as time flies while you wait for something. Tomorrow comes, whats done? You can't figure out why this key you have isn't working. Its because you've done nothing to unlock the pontial you have, you've wasted time.
I take another step Towards my future I try to leave behind All my failures   I try to get away I try to get by But wherever opinion sways I will fight I will survive  
Our brain is filled with neurological wonders. It is up to us whether we achieve greatness or plunder.  
It doesn't matter come rain, snow, sleet, or hail. My fortress will withstand any weather. Made of the finest in protective materials, My fortress cannot be bothered.   Some days that material is ice,
I can’t help but wonder when the birds fly above do they see the mess we’ve made?A place for nesting hard to find because the humans own it all.
Trying to search through all my life,
Please come save me, You used to kiss the tears off my face. Wish you would come and make up the time, Lost, Three years have gone by. Guess it’s time to start living life. Surrounded by depression,
Depression Have you ever heard of such a thing? A dark passenger that takes your soul A marriage without a ring   Anxiety Have you ever felt such an emotion?
So you want to know what I’m thinking As I sit in this corner on a sunny day But these lips are sealed so why bother It’s for the protection of you and not me
Death, so kind, but so mean Charon shall take your soul Through the abyss of fiends
Since i was kid i never really fit in A loner, an out cast, always had to sit in  I was different, I had talent  i drew, while they play  I sang while they play  I could never understand what normal ment 
Inside my mind i find myself preparing for act I. Never really knowing that the play has already begun, I have played the fool and have beheaded the Queen. I have been spy and mercenary and revolutionary and everything in between.
My stomach is empty for their rights I am cleansing my body of political injustices The system that teaches me is robbing others I am the voice of those who work under you This must stop
Every morning I walk along the promenade only to find hundreds of scorched soldiers scattered across the sidewalk. For a while I wondered what had caused them to end up this way,
It’s hard to rise again After life has repeatedly punched you in the gut Forcing you on your back in the most vulnerable position, The wind being knocked out of you. It’s a struggle to want to go on.
Laugh, become accustomed to laughing Roll, let it roll off of your back, roll of of your ego, roll off of whatever pride has kept you in tact Eat, get hungry and eat Feed your face for the desire to leap
In class so bored and dont know what to do
In class so bored and dont know what to do
WAIT HOLD UP......WAIT can you hear me now or were you pretending to know how or pretending not to hear me
Money Money No we can't afford it We need to eat in tonight College Money Money The stress The cry The loans My oh my Money Money I need the education
Air has been getting lighter since I was pushed in, Feels like forever ago. Water has been getting murkier the deeper I sink, Roof hidden from the low.
I am from cracked up walls full of graffiti.
Dark sky with a strip of light Dark night with a patch of light Seems equivalent to my life at the moment That little bit of light could be anything Just depends on the day or week The light could be dance
Into my mind you dare take a venture, differences between us besides just gender. It lies well beneath the center, but you couldn’t chew on these thoughts with titanium dentures.
Beauty in individuality, Everyone seems to think with the same brain, Singularity is a rarity, Gather us and tie us with the same chain.   People wish to seek social acceptance,
A politician would say, “The people and what is right!” A scientist would say, “The collaboration between all of the organ systems in the body.”
A heart, Broken by all the lies; all the black thoughts that lie in the mind. The mind, That composes images and plays scenarios of unwanted memories. Memories,
We say goodnight at the end of the day, When all tasks are through. Goodnight is the phrase uttered When we end one thing and start another. Goodnight is for the end of tedius.
Why can’t we just throw it all away? Just let the hate lie and not let it consume us; Why we have to fight each other. We are all the same inside.  
Help the broken and sing for the deaf Leap over canyons Hill countries make room for the rest What makes a man?
An old wooden box, nothing much, A rusty key, rough to the touch, Alone, they are nothing, Only antiques,
When it comes to sexting in public,there are a few things to know:  
Time It goes by so fast; You're four years old playing with your dolls,
  Live and love Come and go Our life passes Through the window
Tick tick tick Does my mind really tick? Is it a clock on the wall, or a watch on my wrist? What a funny saying, that minds Tick I guess it must be because our lives are run by time.
In our primary years of schooling, we learned how to work together, That sharing is caring and be nice to your neighbor, Also, just don't eat the sand out of the sandbox.  
I knew before you came, briefly we met, like ages we met,
She waits there waiting for the time she has been waiting for, to be forgotten was not her choice from every point of view she has been with a smile that never disappears.
Girl get your head up Don't settle for second best Gir why wont you pea up Youre better than all th rest   Come on girl get up Straighten up your crown Princess, never let a man
Changing my hours climbing stone towers
I need the thousand dollars, So I can graduate with honors And become a scholar To help people fight their monsters By becoming a doctor And educating people about health,
A patient heart is well rewarded in time It understands the clock’s tick is a sign Each stroke a step to something so divine There are occasions we don’t fully understand A heart will break so it can learn to mend When life is truly ready, the go
The twinkle of a hidden star
People tell me that I am loved, But that doesn't help in the moment. Life is hard when it hurts to breath   To touch    To walk       To laugh  
I used to believe once that all humans were strong That they were all titans that could only fall when pushed to the brink of self mutilation
Others living day by day Like a book wide open with no inspiration to guide them What the hell can i say?   There are no words to express The wisdom I have gained It seems i've aced this test
I never wanted to see it Deteriorated faces that pass all around Looking past me at what their lifeless black orbs could not find   I never wanted to acknowledge it, to accept it
My heart wants to speak.My eyes want to smile.My mouth remains shutBut there’s a bad feeling in my gut.
i am the vestige
They say Life is the Eternal Job But what is Life’s main action but to Rob Daily we see homeless people on the streets struggling and searching for something to eat How can you just bare to stand
It was all for you I did what I had to for you
The Battle of Today  
Blank pages, blank people I am a novel not yet written Blank beliefs, blank morals I am hiding out for now   Corrupt faces, corrupt fiends I avoid them at all costs Corrupt bodies all around
Time     passes Quickly the clock ticks Away  roll the days.   A child is born Eyes open wide and she take in the world Days turn to weeks to months to years.
Fighting your entire life for those perfect grades. Joining every club to build your resume. Always the best manners and the teacher's pet. Working all that time for minimum wage.
When you trust someone with your heart, you don’t anticipate it to be broken. When you love someone completely, you don’t think it will end. But one day, that one betrayal can change everything.
I sacrificed my tongue in order to resurrect their silence; I replenished their lips in order to bring fourth buried words Experiences tainted into traumas;
The expectations bearing down on me, People taking such wagers too seriously, They continue to beat my mind with a stick, But they don't know what it's like to be Autistic,
I write for you. The one who is always on my mind, The one who always seems so close.   I write for you. My love, my one, my only, My life, my drive, my soul.   I write for you.
He still leaves goose bumps On every inch of my skin Sending shivers down my spine And shaky sighs barely able to escape my lips   When you meet a boy like this
Intoxicated With the sound of my name Escaping your lips, The letters unfolding themselves From a curled up slumber   Your mouth forming letters The way light colored bruises
I didn’t think That I cared   I didn’t know That there was a miniscule tidbit of gloom Hidden in some crevice of my being Buried beneath heaps of feigned indifference  
Forever For what? Forever   And that’s when you let out A breathless sigh That you’ve been holding in Since the beginning Without even realizing   He is a tidal wave
It’s quiet Dead silence It’s never this quiet in my house   I don’t like silence It’s deafening It makes you sit there on the couch With the TV turned off
I am not depressed I can still talk to people And smile at the beauty in the world Laugh at funny jokes   Laughter I will always have laughter   Although there are times
When a girl starts to grow up Her younger brother suddenly becomes older And turns into her protector   We followed each other everywhere And left a trail of bread crumbs in our wake
What does thine universe have in store for me I wonder,whilst sitting on the shore listening to the distant thunder,
I'm trying hard to fulfill my mission But with all these snakes hissing And all these people dissing Trying hard not to listen
When she walks she feels the stares  Wonders the thoughts of others as they glare Jealous girls Hormone raging boys Who all think they know themselves and what this world has to offer..
  I have decided to take the leap and go off to college. Leaving behind my family, town, and friends of my current knowledge.   While off I will be free to explore, To discover the world once hidden beind closed doors.
In today's world,  A woman has to walk with her head held high,  But still constantly checking behind her back, Because of the constant threat of rape, Or death.    In today's world, 
Were born empty a clean slate Only to be carved into and filled With knowledge of the world Knowledge that holds many things   But what if too much is birthed What is to for come the overflow?
We all use our mind as a form to escape from the world around us from what kids call "the bad thing"   We see things that not ever one catches and our mind discards it if it hurts
Strangers are the only ones who make me feel beautiful Those I have known make me feel improved
What Makes Me Tick   The sound of scratching, On a chalkboard. Using a pen and not putting the cap back on;
It's like the death of me
A bottomless pit; the black hole we avoid peering too far into for fear we might fall- Fall deep into a subconscious
Listen, I'm just trying to get my dreams out. Turn the seeds I planted into a green house. Then let it all blossom and bloom into success right?
I life, we have a dream
Anything could spark a thought Anything could change a perspective Anything could alter an opinion Anything is my catalyst of thought.    
Tell me why I can't go to that party I was invited to last night. How come I can't wear my favorite blouse because your son can't keep his hands to himself? I can't go to the party unless I change.
ever wonder how wonderful it'll be to fly? to soar across the deep blue blue sky,
Sometimes we do things that we don't want to share. We know that it's wrong, but we don't really care. We laugh, we bully, and we are very mean, but that doesn't stop us from thinking we are queen.
I look to the clouds For fear of falling to reality Where dogs’ hearts are broken into pieces We blame the breeds But we don’t blame ourselves For what we’ve done to the dogs
  Dear Teen Vogue, You know, I’d be a lot prettier if I were 6’2 Because then, the thickness of my thighs would be non-existent They’d be shapely. Toned. Long. Lean and Stunning
It feels so fake a place unknown, But a blur in my imagination, Bang, Bang! She dropped Down,down,down, plummeting She's gone dropped dead on the ground.  
Have you ever really thought about life? Have you ever tried to understand the world you live in? It’s important to break past the tunnel vision and gain new perspectives.
The ultimate demise, the heavy darkness to an overpowering light.
Provoking gives you pleasure It only infuriates my mind. Bashing on my purity Pushing down my fortes Life is now defined. Misery chasing me While my triumphs invite pride. You catch sight;
  By Marc Rubio
The thing that really makes me tick is the continuousclock's hands beating to the rhythm of time, and I just wanna screambecause time is nothing nothing nothing compared to what we've
The despaired circle continued with a twist of the key
I’m thinking of a place God, help me get there I want to reach it What does it feel like? I’m running in a race
This not so morbid cemetery, with its alive colorful flowers placed everywhere, is a beautiful and peaceful place to be. The morning dew brings the smell of freshly cut grass to my nostrils.
We are not invincible, Bones break Like glass shatters We are young Hearts burst open thousands a day We are human Quite the antonym Of perfection
  I wonder why we take from our women Why we rape our women Do we hate our women? I think its time to kill for our women Time to heal our women Be real to our women    
  Life excites me. The birds chirping, Trees swaying, The sun on my cheeks, Or The idea of something new, Seeing someone I live to love, It all makes me jump for joy.  
There are a couple of centimeters of skin that you can pull off of my arms, where muscles have atrophied for two years from underuse. The skin is soft, but when you pinch it you can feel a
Snap. Snap. Snap. The woman sitting across from me pops her gum in time with the second-hand on my watch. Bu-duh. Bu-duh. Bu-duh. Bu-duh.
Pockets empty now Head full of wonderful thoughts Still can't catch a break Drowning in debt feels right now It's the American dream
It's amazing to me; the fact that there is so much unexplored, unlearned and unkown is mesmorizing for someone who wants to take in as much as they can before they're gone.
It's not racist if you put one or two minority actors or actresses in a film so that it's seen to be a 'diverse' cast.
What gets you ticking you ask? What gets me ticking is the breeder The sounds of her own regrets The impressions she places down upon me, stained upon my chest  
the thing that makes me tick.the things that make me tick are the things that tick me off --like the fact that not everyone feels safe in their own homeand other people don't even have a home.
Born with the ailment, seeking answers,
Do you know what it's like
I surpass the unsurpassed to conquer the unconquered and foresee the unforeseen. I am the voice of those silenced  to change the unreformed and create peace from turmoil. I speak the unheard of entity
                                   Boredom                                                                                                                     No electricity                                    Boredom
By the shore, I sit Each wave its own soundtrack Allows my troubles to unravel. Children play left and right
Out the front door   I strode, shoulders back     My grin exposing every tooth         A quick glance to my feet             The light blue sneakers glittering before me
MY curiosity fills me with questions DAYS go by before I can answer myself ARE my understandings that limited, or FILLED with more knowledge than I can use? WITH my abilities and desire to know,
Left                                            Right Keep me centered Up  
How can you manage to stay away? The pain it causes… I can barely breathe; Tell me your secrets. How do you just walk away?   At the end of the night, When you sleep in an empty bed,
My lips are a vessel for very few thoughts For many never leave my skull.   They swirl around and drive me mad, Their very presence takes a toll.  
As I lay here, Confused and hurt and lost... My wonderland, drained from my thoughts. The day has ended, And Night clocks in. The Devil's kingdom has struck again. Her last words spoken,
Friends. That is what They claim to be. Yet they reek of insincerity.   They look but to not see A heart laid bare. It merely receives an unconcerned stare.   They hear but do not listen
she hides her beautiful self, avoiding the arguing, avoiding the bottles thrown at the shelf. attempting the stop her eyes from crying,   but she can't,
The clock ticks Tick tock tick tock
Roots grow and grow and grow. Plunging deep beneath the soil Despite the above toil Of birds and bees and human needs Roots grow and grow and grow.   I grow and grow and grow.
I didn’t say I love you I said pass me the potatoes I said I have to work late tonight What I meant was I miss being alone with you I didn’t say fuck you, go to hell I said I’m on the toilet
Rest teabags asleep on my sleepless eyes And dream of the fragments within my mind Fill the empty void inside
Today's society is all about looks But does't the inside matter? Just like a book? People say they don't care Yet they constantly complain about trivial matters such as hair
I'm tired. Stressed. Overwhelmed. The future is banging on my door, and I'm scared because I don't even know what it looks like.
Electricity. Neurons. Synapses. They control what I think, do, see. Or so I hear in Class. Thoughts. Movements. Habits. Trivialized to simple, subconscious connections.
I'm utterly obsessedwith the way the syllables in your nameslip from my tongue.
My mind is buzzing with an array of colors, each flitting by so fast it's hard to see every one.   At once it is Yellow:  the color of my summer thoughts;
Take a look inside me/Go on, look past my outer shell, my skin and bones/You'll find a treasured jewel/The jewel that I call my mind/Thoughts flow like a swift-moving river/through the many corners of my mind/When I am learning, I really tick/lik
Your fear freezes your ability to see my dreams Your fear keeps me trapped and unhappy Your fear is determined for me to follow the masses Your fear is soul crushing
You know what makes me tick....
Tick tock tick tock Time starts to slip away as you did While I decide on a career while you are gone
I wish I can speak up. Living in silence for 17 years has taken away my strength: strength to be confident; strength to be wrong; strength to rise. I have been overlooked by many
I wish my dog was here.Trees shift into spring,and the water in the reflecting poolripples in wavesand then stills as the windstops blowing.The grass is cool under my body.
I am unaware, Here I lie scared, Of the next steps to take, What legacy will lie in my wake.   Through the distant storm Nothing will remain of the norm And life will change...
So you're thinking about running And it's less about the outcome, the hardened muscles and lean body, And more about the feel of wind Rushing through your hair Feeling the elements As they pass
Brain Wondrous, complex, common. Rains down mixtures of formulas, calculations, and creative images. A dangerous weapon. A helping hand. Brain 
I Dream and I Pray I Pray and I Dream Every Night and Everyday That someday things can get a bit much easier. That one day I will be able to go to college,
A gilded cage, clipped wings, a weight, breath short, metallic fear shaking, sweating, the bitter putrid taste of vomit.                 Anxiety.
Dancing is what makes me happy you just won't get it   poetry is what makes me happy you just don't get it   writing is what makes me happy you just can't get it  
the gears shift, starting and stopping without notice start vivid scarlet and deep indigo ink moves through the canal of gears.
I have failed to understand  my thoughts like the ocean the deepest remain undiscovered  foreign to explorers dark and enternal Perhaps it is the job of a philosopher or psychologist
I stare in envy at the school children around me This silence a curse I bear to keep I want to whisper I want to scream I want to shout I want to be But my words refuse to leave  
Have you ever felt so lost In life, in love, in the world Felt like there was no one there No one to turn to Theres billions on billions of people here You have so many followers on twitter and instagram
In his eyes I am the earth the sun the moon In his eyes I am his present his future his everything In his eyes I am perfection a trophy the one But in my eyes
This is me.I’m not a kid anymore, I’m grown now.Don’t tell me I can’t go to the college where I want.
What have I got? A complex mind that wishes not to be Against myself I have fought It's simply something I cannot forsee But all you've got Is a basic desire To become one in the lot
Tears are flooding down my eyes, knives are being pierced threw my heart. There bones tear threw their skin. It is as though they're walking skeletons.
My God is a lover, not a hater.
I hate when people act Like they know me Like they like each other Like they know They just don't want to acknowledge  Their disinterest Their disloyalty Their ignorance
The pain of the world takes a part of our hearts and souls And refuses to give it back until all of us are gone…. But we continue to be happy  
When I was younger I came home from school To play with my Bratz dolls That looked so cool   When I was younger I saw on t.v. These beautiful ladies That don’t compare to me  
Light can not exist without Darkness, Nor can there be Ying without Yang. An endless fork in the road, right and wrong.
Why is it that we attack our own kind? We are the same creatures We just have different minds.
Flash "Scholarships" across a screen to get any driven students attention. Explain how one may be rewarded for their accomplishments. Schooled to learn education is the root to ascenion.
Speak my mind?  I can barely hear my thoughts. Always talking trash about others,  do these bullies ever stop?  With all those nasty words, I'm surprised your teeth don't rot. 
Sometimes I feel like I just can't get away The world is moving backwards My mind can't concentrate   My back is up against a wall that's made of expecations The rules are spinning in my head
My face is clear it is open to the world,
False judgments and rumors Fights and battles You know my name And not my story We've never talked But you know More about me
It is dark Like a crow’s wing Thick Like despair   There is no one Like the world died Empty Like a pot   Pain is stretched Like a rubber band Resonating
An array of jets Zoom on by Things are falling From the sky   One hits the ground And in a flash You're flying from The giant blast   Your bed and home
His cheeks were a glowing crimson that year,forced into a furnace of scalding color.Coping, of course, was not in his vocabulary.
We..all...die. The goal is not to live forever, it's to create something that will.. So ima create somethin that makes the time stand still..  See ima make that kid on the block turn around
Words are POWERFUL.
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