Climbing My Way To Poverty

I'm stressed out

Sitting on this recliner couch,

Which I happen to live on

Because sadly things didn't work out at home


Instead of flying from the nest,

I was pushed

And came tumbling down 

Bumping into everything my eyes could see

I saw this as an opportunity


To be greater than what I had been around




Every person has a calling

Trying to find my niche

I turned towards college


Thinking there I'd find the missing puzzle piece

The key to prosperity

I'd be successful in life, IF I got my degree


But our system is backwards

We've lost touch with what education is really about 


When I think of higher learning 

I don't think of success

My mind conjures dollar signs,

Heavy sighs and incessant cries

Because I'm stressed


Why do I have to pay more than I'll make in my lifespan?

All for the sake of "bettering myself"

Poverty on top of poverty does not equal wealth


This isn't how learning is supposed to be...


If only my college education was free




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