Never Again Daddy's Little Girl

When I was little

Up until the age of five

No one could tell me

That there was a daddy better than mine

Then one day you decided to go

Never looked back

Not a word was heard

Not a tear was seen


As a little girl

You were my favorite

Now I can hardly remember

Why you were my favorite

The times I called and you would lie

Saying you were working

Never gave me the time

It made feel like the girl her daddy hated

To this day I still feel the hurt that little girl was holding


Maybe it's the little girl in me

But you never saw the tears I cried for you

A little girl lost

Cause her daddy was gone

Never wanted her is what her mind was stuck on

To this day she feels like his mistake


Growing up and getting older

Didn't realize you realize

I was trying to be the perfect daughter

But no I was never enough

Even how hard I worked

You hold things over my head

Instead of seeing I made it


You got a fiance

And I never knew

But hey what a shame it had to be that way

Yeah I have boyfriend

And I told mommy

You know why

Cause you have to see the mistakes you made

You broke the little girl in me

She was a daddy's girl

Now she barely wants to speak to him

But to him she just an image

meant to be seen not heard


But no more

I am letting it go

and i am letting it out

You broke me

And never knew how much I cried

Cause daddy's little girl was never really there

She wasn't meant to have feelings

Or be heard at all

But guess what its time

I am grown

I am a women

And i get to chose


To let you keep hurting me

Or grow up on my own

I never needed the money or the nice sneakers

I just wanted my daddy

But I never got him

I got you

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