Between 2 Lives


Light can not exist without Darkness,

Nor can there be Ying without Yang.

An endless fork in the road, right and wrong.

Without Hell, is there a Heaven?

In every situation there seems to be a relation between two,

Two worlds that collide to create one whole.

Both must exist or neither will.

Each motivated by their own goal,

How can you tell which one is right?

Darkness is viewed in society as the wicked,

Yet many find comfort in dark's arms

while others seek the warmth of the light.

Where does this leave us?

Somewhere in a shade of grey,

switching between light and dark as we see fit.

No one creation lives fully in the light

even if they like to portray it as such.

With light there is an inevitable darkness that follows.

Does this make both sides a good thing?

Each can contribute in their own way,

Each can give the peace of clarity and sense of relief.

Use them to your advantage,

and accomplish all your goals whether big or small.


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