Fall (Speak Your Mind Slam)

Bullshit drips

Treachery foams

Planted a seed

A lie syndrome

Playing the villain?

Meet the contradiction

Threw down the gavel

Disease or addiction?

Best if closed

But opened wide

Obnoxiousness achieved

The truth denied

Meaningless swords

Stabs so vile

On your face

Betrayed a smile

Aggressiveness in the highest sense

Thoughtless as a rat

Finish the final act

And tip your ragged hat

Spent your whole life

Sucking on your silver spoon

But it wasn't enough

Had to stir your own typhoon

A public nuisance

A drama whore

You spiteful creature

Hard to ignore


I wait patiently

The tables will turn

I'll watch as you're consumed

I'll watch as you burn

Feed you ego now

While you laugh from the top

But with each drop of bullshit

Your pedestal  slowly rots

Time ticks away

The time is near

When I laugh as YOU fall

Have fun, my dear.


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