Graduation Day

We are not invincible,
Bones break
Like glass shatters
We are young
Hearts burst open thousands a day
We are human
Quite the antonym
Of perfection
It means we feel pain
And more often cause it
It means We hurt
We cry
We laugh uncontrollably
Attractive even when we’re not
And we're not just graduating from our schools from our lives
Moving on moving out
We are graduating from ourselves
Furthering the evolution of our time here
We have changed
We have morphed
We are seasoned
We are brand new
And We came into this like wild fire.
Embers sparkling all around us.
Armed and deathly hot.
Willing to break down
every tree that dared bend in our direction.
Defy every drop of water
that hissed and sprayed trying to calm our flames
Trying to make sure
whatever we touched wasn't left
unmarked. Wide eyed and eager
we leapt like jumping flames
without ever knowing
to what bottom we would fall
it’s amazing how far up you can start.
So full of wonder so full of want.
Bleeding out with expectations.
Pre meditated affairs.
We thought all the magic
would call our names.
What a fairy tale.
But that's all we'd ever known
so who could blame us
for holding this place so high.
And getting high and drunk
just to drown out the noise
of our own internal screams for a while.
And now after so much has been said
and so many tears shed. All the regrets.
All the love lost never found. The mirage clears up.
Out of the blurr it emerges dark and luminous.
The pieces fall together and the curiosity flees.
For now we know why magic never came easily to
We've changed 
Haven't we
Evolved and fallen out of
Those shells 
We used to peak our heads out of
Like innocent eyes behind 
Games of hide and seek
But we are not hiding anymore
We're too big for that now
Cant squeeze Into the blind spot
Of anybody's view
We've grown too much
Too full of early life lessons
Too wrung out from tragedy and depression
Too heartbroken too
Different too
Altered versions of children
Who once upon a time didn't know
What a cruel emotion love is
But we've learned
To stop believing in fairy tales 
Long enough to pull the truth
Out of the spine of lies
To skin it and strip it clean
Sucking bones licking our teeth
Until there's nothing left but
The dried out carcass 
And we're staring 
Reality dead in its cold
Vacant eyes
We are seasoned now
My friend
Contamination for even the purest of souls
Its like putting a bullet in the mirror
And expecting that
The glass wont revolt
Plunging itself into your skin
And I've had it crammed into my head
Like a late night study session
That falling in love
Is plunging yourself
Deep into the vast darkness
Shielded with nothing but
The bitter night sky
Tripping your way
Through a maze of mine fields
Just for the slightest chance that 
You'll find the last piece of your soul
On the journey
And holding on tight enough
So that your jig saw puzzle
Being won't break apart at the stitching
And you find your stuffing spilling out
Like juicy secrets
Revealing the glass heart you failed
So tragically at protecting
And hoping that when
You look down
Your newfound piece
Still remains
And life 
Life is like
Reaching your hand into
A bag of fragments
Of the unknown
Like clasping your hand around
Air hoping to catch each atom
In your grasp
Its falling
Rapidly slow and gracefully fast
Its letting yourself go
And throwing up
Walls so thick so strong so tall
That no one can touch you
Its full of hatred
And exploding with adversity
And sometimes people...people
are vultures
Blood sucking leaches
Feeding off of the un-forgiven sins  
Of the innocent
Living off of your failure
We've transformed
Our wings are too big for our cage
So we...We cannot exist here anymore
Don't fit in we do not belong here 
Can't live boxed in forever
And honestly
We learned how to undo the latch
Of this rotted out jail cell
Back when We learned how
To breathe down the back of
And call it out for the 
Lying scheming damned thing it is
Back when We first felt the difference
Between love and lust
And we have been sneaking out
Ever since
Only this time 
we're not afraid 
To forget our way back home.


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