I Wish I Can Speak Up

I wish I can speak up.

Living in silence for 17 years

has taken away my strength:

strength to be confident;

strength to be wrong;

strength to rise.

I have been overlooked by many

and have accepted the compression

that comes from their deafening voice.

I hate it!

I wish I can speak up.


Oh wait, listen.

Can you hear that?

There's a tiny voice inside of me

whispering and seeping its way out.

Little it may seem, but the feeling's

roaring up like a tamed lion breaking free.

And as I speak up, I begin to break the bars from my cell

and am able to hear the potence in my voice.


The years of silence has kept me from

expressing all of myself.

People called it poise; but I call it constraint.

Holding back for 17 years built up my fortitude.

The liberation I now attain elicits my strength

to fight back and acclaim my voice.

I can speak up.


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