Oh God

Oh God,
Is this a shout or a prayer?
Why can't I be happy now?
Why does it always have to be later?

Oh God,
What kind of people are these,
That they yell and beat me
Until I cry for forgiveness on my knees?

Oh God,
Why do they fill my brain with these thoughts,
That attempt to make me think they're superior,
And the rest, God forbid, are not?

Oh God,
Why must I cry?
It's their fault, not mine,
That they believe their man-made lies.

Oh God,
Why is my body sore?
Why must they renew my pain
With more bruises than before?

Oh God,
Why are they so evil?
Why are hate, blasphemy, and deceit
Their most favorite of meals?

Oh God,
What makes them so destructive?
Don't they know that these ways
Are what turn people away from the way you want them to live?

Oh God,
Why do they put me down,
When I try to show them
Their ways that turn away the crowd?

Oh God,
Why don't they learn to love,
As so instructed by the Son
That You sent from above?

Oh God,
Save them all.


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