Yeah, so...


Peanut Butter

Won't my mother  be quiet

Be right back gotta go help her

She actually said never mind as i walked over.


Whenever a person gets mad at another

He or she takes it out on the world.


HUmans need an effective anger funnel.

Imma leave that "u" uppercase because YOLO.


I just read the word "font."

Man, it takes too much damn energy to put quotes around words.


I sit here in the dark, alone, and 

make clickety sounds on my laptop.

Don't know wy i shared that.

What's up with favoritism?

You lose the part in th school play to a tone-deafer

because she helps the director get stuff outta her car.

Sorry, that popped into my mind.

If you're reading this,

check out my other poems.

Hold that thought, my mother calls... 

Anywayz, my other poems are worth a read.

I put a lot more effort into those

because i wasn't exausted

or full from dinner

or fed up that my poems keep losing the slams to inferiors.

Even though this one is a definite loser because i'm not trying.

Although, what's on my mind

doesn't take any effort or thought; it is thought.

It doesn't rhyme or make sense or have a set order.

HA! so this is perfect.

Who am i kidding, i don't even think anyone is gonna read this.

But back to my other poems, please please please comment.

I want to know what others think.

And what's up with our generation

Warning: here comes some real deep stuff.

People walk around with shirts cut so deep the "v"

-ew, quotation marks-

only exists in intention.

And the stuff that falls out from under girl's short takes up more space than the shorts themelves.

And people curse for no reason.

And that makes you sound dirty and cheap.

And people say meaningless things like "Bae" and "hur" instead of here.

Are they trying to sound illiterate?

Ugh, our generation is so frustrating.

Milk and cookies.

I keep italicizing when i want to uppercase.


I really wanted to work out today but never got the chance.

PLease don't think i sit around all day in the dark and just write poems.

I'm a poet and an athlete.

And if you don't believe im a poet go check out my other poems and comment thanks.

I'm gonna stop now, i have to clean up dinner.

That should've been a semicolon.

I love grammar (This poem is not an example of that).

What this poem was, however, was stuff "On my mind"

So there, have it power poetry.

There's no way you can judge this, cuz you can't judge my train of thought.


Well that was random.

Roses are red 

voilets are blue.

Now it's really a poem.

Now i really am through.

goodnight y'all.

PS i dont normally say y'all.



haha Oh my gosh this is great :D 

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