Am I Alive?

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 00:33 -- Hoko83


Am I alive?

I seem to be

but is this really me?

Am I real?

The others see me,

but i may just be a reflection,

an illusion,

of what might really be.

Maybe this is a dream

that shows some depth and sorrow

for the things I had,

or the things that come tomorrow.

Am I alive?

This dream seems real

yet I cannot see,

my eyes blind me

of the reality that might really be,

or the feelings that I might feel.

Am I alive?


In my heart I know

these feelings, dark and sorrow,

that restrict my life from living the dream I wish to be,

the dream I wish to have,

the dream that is not "is",

but the dream I dream to have.

I am not alive,

not in this dream,

this reality,

but only in another,

a reality I dream of,

in the dream that this dream has.


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