Stream of Consciousness Before Falling Asleep


sometimes I wonder exactly where I'm going or what I'm doing or even will I be here tomorrow there's no promise and that scares me so bad and that one time I fell in front of all of my friends and they laughed and why am I so stupid they were terrible to me and I am so embarassing is everyone else as worried as I am how do I get as carefree as them they seem so happy I love him so much it scares me what if he wakes up feeling different why doesn't anyone stay to see what I could be no one cares to find out and have I given them anything to care about I feel alone but I'm never really alone and I never have any time alone but I miss home all the time when I'm there I can't wait to leave so how do I fix that feeling he thinks I am talented all I do is write words on a page and they 






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