I’m thinking of a place

God, help me get there

I want to reach it

What does it feel like?

I’m running in a race

The finish line shines brightly

But I am an infinity away

It touches what seems to be oblivion

There are other people beside me

They’re running

We’re all running

We’re an endless crowd

Some are ahead of me

Others have fallen behind

There’s a girl on the ground

She’s been trampled

There’s a boy walking in the opposite direction

He’s given up

I’m still running

I have to reach that place

I need it

No, I deserve it

Others have tasted its sweet flavor

Held its fragile presence in their hands


After growing up in the projects

Seeing my mother struggle with her inner demons

Watching my father’s brow drip with exhaustion

Witnessing the destruction of my family

Oh the list goes on!

I don’t want SUCCESS

I need it

I refuse to follow the footsteps of failure

The failure to love

The failure to provide

The failure to fight

And most importantly

The failure to SUCCEED

I will make a difference

Not just for me

But for the sake of my future

The sake of my weathered family

The sake of my blooming generation

And for the sake of God


Just watch me.


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