Shattered Dreams, Broken Hope.

For four years you have lied to me and told me I was important

you had me thinking i was your main priority

instead, i wasn't even number three

baseball came first, as always

and then it was your video games

at the end of the day, you had no time for me

because you also had to make time for...her

you claimed she was just a friend

but i saw the looks you gave her

you gave her the same looks you gave me when we were

"just friends"

as much as i want to forget about you...

i can't

i'm already in love. trapped in a never ending black hole, trying to escape

but i have everlasting thoughts of your embrace

just as i thought, you left me for her but she made you unhappy

she wasn't as loyal as me, as awesome as me

all of a sudden, you realized you wanted me

my heart said no, but my mouth said yes

i let you back in my life

and guess what?

the cycle keeps repeating

here i am, four years later...

still trying to let you go.


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