Tired of trying to stand out,
Tired of trying to fit in,
Tired of thinking of new ideas
And tired of trying to win.

I'm tired of doing the same old thing,
Too tired to try something new,
I'm tired of being told the things 
That I am supposed to do.

But still I don't know what to do,
Too tired to figure it out,
I need the ideas that haunt me,
And surround me here and about.

The ideas I have not asked for,
Are tired and old and bored,
I'm Told to develop a mind of my own,
But too tired and too warred.

They've tired me out in my childhood,
Exhausted me everyday,
Now as I look at my future,
I'm too tired to find my way.

I'm tired of trying to be the best,
And I'm tired of trying to "make it",
I'm tired of hearing about the failures,
The world; they could not take it.

The ones who were too tired, 
Too tired to be something new,
It's tiring to try to be that when it's what everyone's trying to do.

Maybe I need a few days to rest,
To catch up on my sleep,
Maybe then I'll be ready
To see the world and leap.

Maybe that's what we all need,
For the action does not seem to cease,
It seems everyone's just gotten tired,
And everyone wants some peace.

I promise to give you some more advice,
And that promise I promise to keep,
But as for now I'm too tired,
So I'm going to go to sleep.


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