Do You Know What a Lawyer is?

It was dark and crowded.

It smelled like cigarrettes and desperation.

If one more man looks at me like I am an entree, I think i will explode.

I tell them I have a boyfriend. 

I tell them I am a lesbian.

I shouldn't have to tell them anything.

They should know when to walk away.

Ugh. This one won't go away.

He asked me if I knew what a lawyer was?

What kind of question is that?

"Yes?" I replied.

Does he think I have no brain?

I suddenly feel the sting of every single person who has ever doubted my potential.

"Do you know what environmental law is?"

Do i what? Excuse me?


"No you don't," he chuckles, "you don't know what that is."

He thinks i am an idiot. 

Since when does having long hair and a drink in my hand lower my IQ?

I felt it. It was boiling up.

I am tired of holding in MY chuckles and MY eye-rolls.

"I am pre-med. I am not an idiot. I know what environmental law is."

I walk away, head high.

This is what makes me tick.

30 years from now, I hope he walks into my office

with my medical school degree hanging on the wall

along with my publcations

and awards

and I hope he asks me

"Do you know what a lawyer is?"



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