Girl Power


You hit  like a girl

You throw like a girl

You punch like a, scream like a, act like a girl.

Thrown into a world of prostitution, people blaming her. "She did that to herself," they said. "She shouldawouldacoulda have been strong," they say. "She was weak," they wanna say.


Shuffling through the halls, shame of what she did dragging behind her back like a wedding train. Head held up high facing her enemies. Dirty, gritty, harsh words bite and nip her skin. Threats tickle her bones and whisper sweet death into her ear. 

"She's useless," they said "She's a slut," they say. "She's still strong," they never say. 


When did being a girl become an insult?

I would live to see the day someone utter,

"You throw like a man," and watch a


      fall off




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