I Believe.

The pain of the world takes a part of our hearts and souls

And refuses to give it back until all of us are gone….

But we continue to be happy


Happiness isn’t defined by the lack of problems in life

Or by the quantity of good things either

It is measured by the ability to roll with the punches without letting each agonizing strike change what we are

We are freaks.

Each of us with a skeleton in our closet and a lock on our mouths,

We all face the same struggles and tribulations,

All walk a fine line between sanity and reality,

And it is true that some of us will fall,

But we refuse to remain part of the fallen.


We will no longer be part of the forgotten cries of children who face the worst cruelty

Because they are surrounded by an army too young to understand how to hide their weapons behind cold smiles.


We won’t ignore the sounds of their tears as they too fall…

Rather we use them as an inspiration to continue moving on.

We pick them back up and drag then with us towards a future where that little rhyme

About sticks and stones never hurting us

Is no longer a lie we tell ourselves to get through the hours we are alone

To get through day after wretched day.


The taunts, the sneers, the jests, and the tears all of them had to be wrong.

Why else would we still be here?

Life isn’t about running from the bombardment of brutality we face, it is about facing each jest or taunt with a stretched hand and a sad smile of understanding

Because the people who rely on cruelty to survive

Are the ones who need kindness the most.  




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