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As I lay Full of dismay I drift far away I hear my thoughts say The dark was more enticing Than the day
     Alone in my own head as I rest tonight ins and outs of breathing calm me while I lose sight sight of reality, morals, and ethics family, friends good and bad
Having depression is weird Because you can be at the lowest point of your life So sad that your arms can’t move So sad that your eyes wont stay open So sad that every sky is a grey sky
For your brokenness that clings to me In my openness so ceaselessly Relaying all the meanings, forever afraid
We come from all walks of life, For some reason brought together here. Learning how to reach new heights, Learning how to cope with our fear. There's got to be purpose underlying it all,
Look up to the sky friends, Can you see the coming end? Red rock falling from the sky, Hidden by flames, beautiful disguise. Say your last prayer, beg for eternity; The unlikelyhood no longer worries me.
I've lost a lot in my life, From happiness, to security, to fight. Even though I survived another night, I still wonder if I can handle this strife. So tonight I step out into the storm
There's this place deep in the recesses of my mind. A place where the scared little child ran away to hide. At such a young age he had given up hope, Went into this attic and tied up the rope.
Who will I be when the world claims me as its own, Anxiety of future life fills the void I fail to feel,
I want to escape this deabate But I feel like it is to late. Crawl in shame thinking about fate Unriched from the depressed mate who looks like he'll make something off of this tainted brake Rusted from hate
I remember… It’s hard not to remember The pain you put me through…
Alone. Looking out watching as kids play outside the run-down cheap motel grounds. Watching as I see a little girl, no older than 5, smile as her mother ran after her.
Epiphany I wasn’t sure if it was there But it was Way down in the pit of me Lives my epiphany
  I’ve been told that I am crazy, that I’m mentally insane.   daddy hEld mE dowN hE smElt stroNgly of boozE  
Lately, I have been feeling lost. Searching around in the clouds. For something, anything. I surround myself with my thoughts. They torture me.
Inner folded prematurely molded  time is tempted  to be bolded small strokes of gentle wires to the face  The frame evokes a forecful fire  at waters pace
His fist hits me straight in my face my missing teeth he cannot replace The Thrill and enjoyment of beating his child The look in his eyes animalistic and wild
I’ll never forget that horrifying day when they said my brother had passed away    They said when it happened he felt no pain
I'm´ drownin´ in my head, I just can't stop thinking,Maybe soon this heart will stop, so the thoughts will too.You're mind is scarred
and the sun rose in the west today because it thought the world was dead. but it is alive because I woke up this morning and breathed.  and you know, I have always wondered what is death to the mortician?
Press start to begin Fighter thrown into battle Decked out in armor   It is just a game It’s a game you want to win Excited, you run  
There was a time when these mind crimes Led to some prime rhymes With a fine line between "I'm fine" and "Am I dying?" But I could focus on the hardest parts
Gravitating backwards she declines,Liquefying to earth's compression's,Ruined but intertwined,Cannot bypass innocent transgression.
Undescribable pain, Writhing hands and feet, Radiating ove ones self, Yet it feels like nothing.    Crying with no tears, Clawing at the flesh, Yet it comes from within,
I couldn’t use a glass pen For it would break From the pressure I place All the words and mistakes It would break  
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
Born of a minority race Adorned of comments and nitpicking You grow a thick skin when subjected to Adolescent Bullying    Spitting image of an Abuser Mother couldn’t take it
I see how you suffer I want so badly to help But I do not know how Will you tell me? Is my smile okay? Was my hug comforting? My words seem so  Very empty Tell me What helps
You broke my trust   Now you've lost me I won't come back I won't call I tried And you lost me We won't talk We won't be friends You won't be anything to me You lost me
Dear hands, Stop shaking stop picking. I wish you'd be still and Stop scratching stop flicking.   Listen,
Dear “The Other Side of Me,”   Why have we been fighting lately? I honestly think it’s my fault It’s not you It’s me
To overcome others is strong.To overcome oneself is the will of power.  I try to convince myselfThat I am the best actress to ever walk the earth,And that the hole concaving in my chestIs simply a understudy for my sadness.  To overcome others is
my pencils are dull. not because they aren’t tended to, not because they’re like the overused pencils in a kindergarten class.   my pencils, they have no sharpener.
I can feel it The wind rushing through my hair The gentle tug of my face as that breeze goes quickly past me I love this feeling This freedom
Struggling Smile Through Hollow Cheeks And Cracked Lips She Whispers  I'll Be Alright Bags Under Her Eyes Cuts All Up Her Thighs No One Ever Told Her It's Okay To Cry.  
 1. Catch a feeling, connect that feeling to the way that butterfly wings flutter, shutter. The way the wind protests against the trees, creating music with a breeze. 2.
I thought I was invincible but the daggers hit They hit
a hunched and squeaking thing stalking you from mirror’s edge. perching with slender spider legs and teeth. blinding white and fragile as eggshells. clicking it’s tongue behind the light-bulbs. whispering
To yearn for happiness will bring aboutAn emotion that tears at my weak heartNo wisdom here found in deadly black artThe seeds of dissent this feeling will sproutPure happiness this seedling will wipe outOnly sadness and fear will it impartWithin
A sobbing stillness overtakes the mind The echoes of happiness far from view People wander, and on their path they find Cages which horrors have broken through  
This number is only going to do so much for me It may have someone waiting to save me on the other end But I don't have the courage to call I feel like if I call I'd just take another fall Trying to call
When the luminous rays of the fireball so many miles away just glistens off of your brown skin...   It often forces the mind to wander to distant sacred places that can only be found within...  
The hair of my arms turned, I know this collision of arms is inevitable, Yet my mind spins like a ferris wheel gone rogue, A correction must be made to my limbs, Wrong, this is wrong; tears pry their way out
We are the jokersThe lonersThe invisible roamersThe insomniac dreamersAnd the at-risk soldiers sitting here colder, shoulder to shoulder, Always being told "you'll be better when you're older".  
We are the jokersThe lonersThe invisible roamersThe insomniac dreamersAnd the at-risk soldiers sitting here colder, shoulder to shoulder, Always being told "you'll be better when you're older".  
Depression depression you bring me down you make me sad you make me drown. Drowned in emotions so deep so dark, they melt my soul they break my heart. The cuts, the burns, the tears feel great.
Deceivers, yes they do deceive. Believers, o how they believe. Take heed to the warning, Let me be, I must proceed.   Blindly walking in misconception, Twenty Sixteen was a year of deception.  
intrusive invasive unwanted these thoughts that won't let me be free   They say I'm hopeless They at I'm hated It seems like nothing can make them stop   They say I'm a failure
Coughing up and regurgitating blood, I hoped it was all but a dream. The scintillating lights above me seemed to fade. I was not alone; at my bedside stood a distinct, unfamilar shade.
Smoke cascades like soft grey velvet, past cracked lips that slowly release the worries of the world, Kill yourself a little bit every day, because that's better than living long enough to think about you,
I should be exhausted I am exhausted Both physically and mentally Physically, not so much Mentally, too much This world is filled with mental exhaust I am one of them Can rest cure this
My head and heart is a dark, vast fieldA place of undead truths and haunting liesDangerous secrets and a muddle of negativityAnd this is why, towards such things, my lips are sealed
the sky may be gray but once the heavens open  openings shall shine
Everyday bouncing around in the mind and bodyNever have a boring day, a constant state of hyperTo have thoughts replay over and overThe meds offer no help they cause only depression
It's too bad I'm not a mas-o-chisttie me down like i asked-for-this   I'm screamingI'm strandedAbdicatedAbandoned   No. Free. Will.  
They say that being in your family's embrace is one of the best feelings in the world. Well... what if you're adopted? Adopted...  Adopted... Why was *I* adopted?
It's hard to see how close we are to the edge. We'd be dead with just one step. Just one move--we'd lose our way. Every day, on the brink of insane   A fragile line to separate the sides
Take hold of thy pen, Crawl within my den, The world appears free, For the beholder is me, I caress the page with my wants, No sour stranger can ever taunt, In the world of love and poetry,
<p>I'm no longer in step like a marching band member off his countsI'm no longer in the program like a singer cut from the choirI'm no longer in the loop like a roller coaster off of its tracksI'm no longer with the conventional crowd anymor
her words struck me like lightning. passion and strength erupted from her booming voice. it was beautiful and terrifying all at once.  
I don’t get stream of consciousness writing style. Sorry Virginia Woolf, I have too much running through my brain to have to comprehend what’s trickling through yours.
Like a ballet dance on blades,Your mind is a fickle thing. Relevé, going fully en pointeOn razorblades,Slice your sole to sorry shreds--So very fucking sorry. 
The day is like any other day At least it starts like that But then the weight in my stomach drops like a dead weight And I know that this day will be anything but OK.
The only thing, that I need in this world, is me.   My mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my knowledge.    Without it, I am not alive. I couldn't reminisce about happy days,
     When you look at him, he can feel his veins burn up, he can feel them grow weak as his blood grows stale.
I have a weakness, its unspeakable. My brain keeps pounding, breakable. The sounds of these voices, unreachable. The pain in my head, unbearable. Listen to me, pay attention. Look me in the eyes, dedication.
You're crying again... tears comin' down your face You're sobbing, almost in tears, all in tears, depressing, or anger hitting your fists against the wall tellin' yourself it won't happen again,
I feel exhaustion. I feel broken I feel lost and im still hoping That I can get out of this whole Im in Filling to the brim with water within Im trapped Im crying out and no one can see
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with hands of barbed wire, broken-glass dreams and smoldering promises.
When I saw the scars on her wrist, I didn't see an attention whore, I saw an angel counting her days,
I'm all alone in this room, Sitting here in my stone doom. I'm all alone in this land. I'm not part of God's plan.   No more, I can't. Tears pour, I can.
White walls,
taptaptaptaptap tap i tap my feet they tell me to stop i tap my pen they tell me to stop
My mind is spinning I am going to throw up Anxiety kills ~Dmonica
I’m mental. I’m losing what’s left of my rapidly deteriorating mind. Its hard to understand a basket case. No one really does.
The moon is a symbolDespite the darkness, somewhere out there is our source of light
They come in at night when all is still they scrape away and run and steal my happiness and pleasure They see it as their treasure. Down, down, down they go into the hole where time stops and no body knows
Eyes all on me
even the wildest of us, craving freedom, has broken  alone, the sleepless nights pass so tediously
what do you feel?   nothing  
One, two, three- Organized alphabetically.  Four, five, six- this must have a fix.  Seven, eight, nine- but I hate to whine.  Ten, elven, twelve- mentally it delves.
People walking the streets with their gold, as if life to them will never feel cold That's what we want to see, is the life that was meant to be, for me.
Keep the deepest part of thine away from mortal
I am one amongst many  I have a perspective that coUntless cannot fathom to Understand Mental stability
The cuts got deeper The blades got sharper The lights got darker The voices got quieter The world got away
Everyday feels the same, like im going insane, trying to stay in this game, No one knows, what I dare not show, And no matter where I go, You are there, showing you don't care
Dude, you know I was raped, right?
bold or italic and underlined tell the one you love old grandmas running around yet no where to be found
You know that girl who's always smiling in the hallways, The girl who knows everyone and speaks to everyone, The girl who isn't popular, but everyone knows her, Because she has a free spirit?
Things like this don’t go away The sadness builds as you try to be strong Some days you can’t even get out of bed You don’t tell the ones you love If you do they get mad Like it’s your fault you’re sad
We are never the people we were meant to be. Bruised, torn, and can't be altered by therapy. For our brains are damaged, Brainwashed indeed. By the ones we love And by those we never see.  
I must be a ghost. Oh, how they walk through me. It's like I'm invisible, And no one hears my screams. It's a lifetime story, But I hate those shows. There's things in the world,
I tossed and turned.
Hysterically, I laugh at what I want to do to you. What you deserve. You clearly don’t think I’m crazy. Well, clearly I’m about to snap after you used and abused me.
Beat me down Pull my hair A constant frown It's so unfair   My mind is distorted It makes me see things that aren't really there My body is contorted God, I wish I didn't care  
Silence Oh Silence, My hushed homeland hide-out a gem  rarely unearthed main supporter when all is wrong When all words fail Silence  
Wake up.
A smile that is what I show Behind it a tortured mind that no one will ever know I walk my line, I do my time I try to be respectable, caring, and refined But on the inside what one does not see
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
I am suffering from a black plague, Though the symptoms are very vague. My air comes in rattled breaths, A squeezing constriction in my breast. My stomach feels heavy and contorted,
Stand Up Wake up with that dreadul feeling.
In the midnight hour through the shadows of my fears, lies the promise of tomorrow. 
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
I don't like it. Not at all, I don't appreciate this. This immense hatred, and dislike. That is all towards me. Why? I must ask why... Why am I the target, of all, Your hatred?
Each breathe is just another inhalation of these gas like fumes distributed to toy with the mind of the young.
Every step a little weaker Every breathe a little harder
One scar
This: a whirling vicious cycle underneath
I lay in bed and shake, my body trembles uncontrollably, I feel my bones break.    Her words hit me like a ton of heavy clouds, then all at once, the rain seemed to pour down.
Sheets- warm and cozy- ocean waves of blue
This is what the front line is like A line where all have stood at points in life A trial of tears, stress and pain Deception is an ugly site   There is some sort of delight
Mind this matter, of mind over matter, to my mind that doesnt matter, in a state of mind unsure of the matter, between reality and insanity. Insane, you are, Insanely you're too insane, insane to insanley admit you're insane.
If I could change one thing, it’d be this tall, intimidating fence. I’d tear it down and frolic away deliriously into the world that’s been waiting for me.
Poem 1: Keep Calm and Don’t Judge Me Love (Shake my head); when I was fourteen years I thought I found love, Love like: Fairy Tales, and all that Fucking Bullshit people allow.
My insecurities has taken Over all things me I can feel the change in my mind the hurt in my heart I no longer believe the words that are said I'm dead In the inside with no hopes of coming back you have broke me down to my last there is nothing
Life is hard, life is tough, it knocks you down, sucks you dry, even when you had enough you can't hide, running will make it even more rough, stand strong, will it out, no matter how hard,
Would you tell a blind man he needs to open his eyes more to see? Would you dare say “just walk it off” to a recent amputee? Of course not. You know that the solution isn’t to be strong willed
The Mind; it alters with time it makes matters better, or worse, in it's prime. It's peculiar to know that we all have a mind each different, unique each on of a kind. Some are poisoned,
Peace is not easy.
Insatiably stalked by haunting perceptions Mental insecurities cause collections of indiscretions Bleak emotions are psychological assassins
I pretend to drown in the bath. I dream of hazy, pill-induced dazes. But then I remember these kids. These Salvation Army angels have become true angels to me. They came when I cried and have saved my life.
  Everything is shattered, broken, utterly and completely destroyed So dramatically so, windows broken in to a million pieces, paint strewn across the floor Yellow wall paper gone gray as if out of fear
Yesterday he showed me his bruises. Pulled his sweater up and underneath his breast They were scattered across his ribcage like a Little patch of violet rorschach tests.
Tears. As I sit in my bed.I try not to cry.But the tears sneak out.No one can deny.
I daydream of being something different, somewhere different I wonder, I questions, I think and I have come to the conclusion. Im not living to die, but dying to live.
Crushed by this endeavor. Broken by my lover. I once thought love was forever, but time seems to end when we were together   Hit the rocks from the tide. Dropped down from the vibe.
If people were emotions you would be love, the way you look at someone and let them open up like an old cupboard.
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
    A troubled mind of broken thoughts to ponder as you lay; drowning in an open sea of sorrow every day.   Console your thoughts with talks of love and what you hope will be,
What if you felt an undying affectionAn honest, eternal, phlegmatic protectionIf love couldn't find you, would you go off and lookFor the one who'd complete you, by hook or by crook?
I have recognized that everyone is on their own At the end of the day we have all sung the same song Our emotions are imperceptible, we can barely express them We can easily fool each other with our thoughts and truths
The voices I heard in my head are so loud, discombobulated, overbearing, That it makes me wonder how you can be so sure about what the hell you are talking about!
Am I really the one with the broken brain? simply because I'd cannot remember your name as I look all around me your faces are strained  am I really the one who looks strange? All of the sneers all look the same 
It courses through the viens thick as molases, hot as fire. Quickley spreading like fast moving trains, it brings on that unwanted desire.   Clouds roll in, bringing that unimaginable din,
Everywhere I turn there are hundreds             Of dazzling smiles So, so many are surrounding me             In a radius of miles But not me, no. I do not smile             Because I am no one
Have you ever had a moment where you kinda just think This isn't where I'm supposed to be And you're just not where you want to be.
  My Love he makes me the happiest, but he also causes me so much pain I wish I never met him, but I also want to be held in his strong arms My Love he is full of rage, but he is also so senistive
She held him tightly as she bled A gushing pool of crimson red. He cried out, “How can this be? “Why must she be down, and why not me?” Her wedding dress was now drenched,
  Eyes are like the doors into our minds.  You can tell just by looking into someone’s eyes what kind of world they live in. Whether it's dark and night or happy and light
A mind has vacated its body Escaping voids lingering deep within a battered soul With ignorance to the disconnect it harvests A storm is brewing yonder And one will become wary listening to the thunder
Sometimes I feel like it's all my fault, like I brought this family down. Like I'm the reason mama's always crying,
Perhaps I will purchase new glassesAnd frame my darkened lamps anewAnd auspiciously. Here I might beseech,Behold, and betoken another looking-glass self;Here enkindle and focus new knowledge
"Just come to me my dear, and you will have no fear." She walks alone through school; no one seems to think she's cool. There's something about her that makes my dead heart stir.
Love doesn't come with directions, it's never quite the same Sometimes it leaves you broken up, or changes your last name One look, one touch, one smile could really change it all 
I miss the stones That used to tap on my window To wake me up And sneak out with my people I would softly laugh As I climbed down the wall To greet you with open arms But now you are gone
You never took the time to see how i felt,  You simply did instead of do. I was hurt , Heartbroken and unheard  and now im all alone. Helpless, Defenseless and Aching .  
  Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice aloud and suddenly, I feel I'm falling, lost in a dream.   You were everything to me, The air that I breathe,
  You are the moon and I am the sea, Your constant changing faces, Are always changing me, When you show your full face,
Narcissistic Ned is driving; no surprise there. It's all about him. The others? Who cares? Contemplative Craig lays sprawled out behind.
Where is the pain? It’s here inside - Buried within my heart; Raw and worn In crippled form, No pulse it needs To start. I need this suppressed pain, For what is life
They fill us up with lies They pull down the blinds And are the cause Of our sad demise   These voices and their venom Slowly poison us to death And in time we become
anger with frustration is a nasty combination with a little confusion and you mind will cave in head simply spinning   can't concentrate forget the date and run in hell's direction
There is no cure, no acceptance, no understanding, and no answer. Textbooks can only tell you so much, and unless you have lived it, it is near impossible to judge from the outside.
A mental breakdown is like a crack in the walls of the universe A quickly expanding hole That you didn't realize was there Until you felt the draft You felt the pain of the widening gap
Terror and fright consume me: Light leaves and dark trails behind me. I am forever alone with no one near or close, In this secluded island, I stand morose.
How I Got Skinny the beginning of a poem, and the end of an eating disorder
As the sun fades away The sky turns to gray O' dear, I can only say, "See you tomorrow morning star" We look back in time To where we had our best and worst times Wish we had a time machine
I was a Stopper, a panic, a coil, Watching. With Awe. as my life would spoil Away with fear as I lay in my slumber. Falsely believing my days were numbered.
Immortal souls don't last forever. They are taken by greed. Frozen in time and space. Never changing. Ceasing to live.
In the early evening, I come home from the park. And inside my house there are shadows in the dark!
What is wrong with the world?
When thoughts fail, or words do not come Though all alone emotion remains I should not be guided by this But I can get divided by this So what then
I was always taught never seem weak Always act strong To always fake that smile And laugh like nothings wrong But right now I think about those hard times I got through
If I told you that you're beautiful Right here, right now, forever Would you believe me?
It seems fine the wine is flowing Laughter is swirling the room Sadness is blockaded from entering That rush of panic Im running! I want to forget reality! Only wanting to reach Time.
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being… Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
They'll label you Try to give you drugs that disable you Saying this will never hurt, its to save you But it cures you Cures you from not following the status quo Wipe out all the truth you may know
Wallowing in self-hatred I am nothing therefore deserve nothing Longing for an escape Incarcerated in my own thoughts, there’s only one option
Darkness cages, while canvas white is his only light as he avoids traces of human life. He ignores splattered paint, dripping brushes, and sickening scent of mildew and waste.
The mortal man may say "fires burn with a symbolic passion". Such a thought does not begin to describe the attraction. The flame atop his hand burns, not with an interest, but an addiction.
The eyes do see Like shadows in the night Every move I make I am not alone The eyes do see For reasons of their own A creature far from pure Is always on my mind
Dear man walking past my bench at 12:45 AM, In passing I've decided to love you. Though short was our acquaintance; I love you all the same.
~Hell & Back i’ve seen hell & back i’ve been through here before the scars lie on my back i’ve cried many tears this isn’t fiction this fact i’ve lost friends i’ve gained angels
Medication. Fix me. Take away my humanity. One emotion, I don't want depth. I only want what I can help. Help me rid of sorrow and tears So nothing but happy will last these years
Little Marco is the smartest boy in his class. Other kids think he's weird all because he doesn't like to start trouble. He's respectful and creative.
My fear consumes me. I'm torn on the inside. Should I stay for you, Or can I run for me? I feel your soul filled eyes, Staring down and judging. After my past with you, How do I change me?
I am in pain, From my head to my chest, Nothing has changed, I always tried my best, But it did nothing, I don’t belong here, I am something, But I can’t shed a tear, I am in pain,
Broken, Insane, alone. Tearing and destroying Hopelessly falling into pain. Damaged.
It is because of you That I am lost it is because of you that I Have been found It is the fire that you Gave to me That heats my hot air Balloon I am floating in midair
My knees are weak They begin to tremble From fear of deceit My body longed for home, that was calling for me. How did I get to this point ? I feel like I've lost all hope, stranded I was.
Am I a can? They categorize me, say it's what I am. But I am not made of tin, don't hold soup inside me.
Everyone hates a captive ball A free ball sounds more appetizing— But I the one who takes the fall. God not slightly compromising, When he drained, he drained all…
It’s like he’s trapped in a cage. He’s building up rage Within the days He’s been spending in this place Where he’s stuck, Surrounded by his own thoughts and emotions That his demons brought
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