The Pyro

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 13:47 -- KTshone


United States
42° 3' 19.3392" N, 91° 43' 28.8696" W

The mortal man may say "fires burn with a symbolic passion".
Such a thought does not begin to describe the attraction.
The flame atop his hand burns, not with an interest, but an addiction.
He holds the torch above his head and this becomes a resurrection.
The fuel of this flame is that of his life.
Lust drawn from the heat battles his strife.
His hands burn as he drops the torch,
And he disregards the pain from such a scorch,
More quickly than instinct could control, he grabs the torch and raises it with more fervor than before.
He is the pyro, and not a man anymore.


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